We have one extra Firebox 700 what can we do with it?

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We had 2 offices and had a VPN set up between the 2 offices and we used Watchguard product the Firebox 700. It worked perfect for us and did what we need.  We now have merged to 1 office and therefor do not need the other Firebox. So my question is...what can we do with it?
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1) Keep it as a spare in case the other fails.

2) Use it to protect your internal servers.

3) Sell it on eBay.

High availability / Load Balancing

If the firebox supports it, you can setup BOTH of these devices to provide redundancy. First off it will provide a higher level of load balancing in high communications environments. Second the load balancing will make sure neither one of the firewalls is bogged down. Another reason is if one fails, the other will kick in seamlessly. Providing an additional layer of security.

This would be your best bet IF the firebox supports it. If not I'd go for jeffkearns "Sell it on Ebay". Or set it up @home!

The firebox DOES do active/passive high availability.  It does NOT do load balancing.  Basically one firebox is on, and the other is dormant, receiving hearbeats from the active firebox.  If it stops hearing the heartbeats, it turns on and assumes the IP and NAT table from the previously active firebox.

I don't know that I would do that though.  I would probably set it up at my house and create an IPSEC tunnel to my office.  Then I would never get dressed and work from home.

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