Hi All,
 I am looking to encrypt some text and store it in a file. I am also looking to decrypt n retrive the text, using a eky.
Is anybodsy aware of some source code that could achive such a functionality.
Appreciate the help.
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On UNIX, you can use the standard crypt function.  It's weak, but may be enough for your purposes.  If you need something that meets current standards, then the Crypto++ library (the first link in Axter's answer) is the place to start for source or portable code.  If you're only interested in Microsoft Windows, then MS has a Crypto API with strong encryption.

preetham_mpAuthor Commented:
What i am looking at is some implementation of a RC4 "type" encryption algorithm..one
which does not require to get a license to use.
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What OS?
What compiler?

What type of application(MFC, Win32-App, Win32-Console)?

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//function used for en/decrypting text
void crypttext(char *szText, char *szKey, unsigned int iTextSize, unsigned int iKeySize)
   for (int i = 0;i < iTextSize;i++)
      szText[i] ^= szKey[i % iKeySize];

int main()
   char cMessage[] = "this is my text, about to be encrypted";
   char cKey[] = "this is my key";
   crypttext(cMessage, cKey, sizeof(cMessage), sizeof(cKey));
   //text is now encrypted, just write it to a file
   crypttext(cMessage, cKey, sizeof(cMessage), sizeof(cKey));
   //text is now decrypted again
OpenSSL has an RC4 clone, and OpenSSL has no license fees (though some of its algorithms are patented in the US and cannot legally be used in the US without a patent owner).  I'm not sure what the current status of RC4 is, but there are other algorithms that serve the same purpose.  Crypto++ has a number of those.

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