Which version of VB do I need to buy??


I took a class in Visual Basic 6, and I developed a decent piece of software which I would like to release as freeware or shareware.  I only have the academic version of the Visual Studio software.  Can I release the shareware with this license, or do I need to buy a retail copy of VB 6 or another license??

I'm sure that this won't make any money, so I'm looking for the cheapest possible solution.

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You can buy VB6 Standard for like $50, they even sell it at places like best buy, my buddy got VC++ Standard for like $40 at Frys electronics. VB6 Standard is all you need.

Thunder27Author Commented:
Right.. I'll award the points to whomever can tell me where to buy it from at this price.  I've searched several software stores, and all they have is VB.NET

Thanks again
You might have more luck finding VB6 on a trading web site like eBay. Most stores probably don't carry VB6 anymore.

Good luck.
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Thunder27Author Commented:
Yep... I haven't been able to find VB6 Standard anywhere!
I don't see any now for that price, but it's worth watching for awhile.  About a month ago, I saw some Professional Editions going for less than $30.
I you send me the project ill compile it for you


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Thunder27Author Commented:
No, I'm more than willing to spend a little money on buying a license, but just need some help finding a place/person willing to sell one.

Thanks again,
Okay, no problems
you can buy visual basic.NET for $116 from harvey norman if you have a student pass
Thunder27Author Commented:
asherap - again, that's an academic version.  If someone can tell me for sure that I can release shareware compiled on an Academic version (and where it says so), I'll be very happy.  

However, I've heard that you have to buy a full professional version to sell programs.

Basically, I will award point to whoever can tell me a) the cheapest place to buy VB6 Standard or Pro b) How else to release shareware....

Thanks again everyone,
If it is shareware, you dont need licenses...you aren't profiting from it.  Your fine  Microsoft will not pursue you, for releasing free stuff you made in school
Why doesn't he profit from SHAREware? It's not FREEware, shareware cost's money if you want to use it longer or with full features or something like that.
Thunder27Author Commented:
Yeah (hopefully) I'll profit from it.  Any advice is appreciated!
Thunder27Author Commented:
thanks for the offer... i think this question is too far gone for anyone else to post, unfortunately
Thanks for the points,  so do you want me to compile your project???

Send teh whole thing in a zip file to cofneverlivetotell@hotmail.com if you do


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