mapi32.dll - what does it do?

When I run WinDoctor (part of Norton System Works) I am told that mapi32.dll is missing.  What does this dll do? Is it necessary?
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GESAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sunray. Even though some of the info you sent me to says this missing dll is falsely reported by Norton WinDoctor, I followed the instructions to download and install it anyhow, just in case.  Now WinDoctor no longer reports that it's missing. However I'm still having frequent problems booting up my computer, so apparently this missing dll  had nothing to do with it.
I just now uplugged my computer and re-plugged into a different wall socket and made sure all the connections were tight.  It still takes about 6 attempts to get my computer to fully boot!  I'm going to call Dell Tech support. I have a bad feeling. This computer is 2 years old and the warranty just expired, I'm pretty certain.

thanks for the points though i was not able to solve the problem.

Re-installing the OS is the best option I can think of the moment

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