how to Add Web UserControl into .aspx page

hi , any one help me to add a web usercontrol intp website (using C#).
I created a Login Web UserControl under <form> tag like this:
<form id="LoginControl" runat="server">
    <asp:textbox>//for input Username
    <asp:textbox>//for input Passord
   <asp:Button>//For submit login
This is my LoginWebUsercontrol.ascx, and i have codebehind for checking Login and event submit
Now, how can i add this into home.aspx
If home.aspx have  <form runat=server></form>, when i add it to Home.aspx MANUALY like (use LoadControl method then i added it). I got error "..Can not have 2 <form> tag " I though it is because there a <form> in WebUserControl and other <form> in Home.aspx...
Now i clear <form> in Home.aspx, but still did not work at all
Thanks for any help

Other things ???
I used to work on UserControl of window form. They all added automatically to Toolbox of VS.NET and run ok
I dont know why Web User Control is hard to add to aspx page and not automatically added to ToolBox
please if you know, help me please.
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You should not have a <form> tag inside a user control, since when a user control is added to a aspx page the form tag will come with it; which is not what you may want. You should just have the two text boxes inside the control.

To add the control to the aspx page, add the @register directive like this...
<%@Register TagPrefix="mycontrol" TagName="login" src="LoginWebUserControl.ascx"%>

you can then use the control as
<mycontrol:login />

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See if the following can help (from

<%@ Page Language="vb" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="MyTestProject" TagName="LoginForm" Src="ctlAuthenticate.ascx" %>

    <title>Authentication Page</title>

    <form id="frm" method="post" runat="server">
        <MyTestProject:LoginForm ID="LoginMe" RUNAT="Server" />

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