win98 pc wont connect to network

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I have a windows 2000 server running DHCP with a number of windows 2000 clients and they can connect to the DHCP server fine.

before i reformatted the windows 2000 server a little while ago i had windows 98se clients as well, but after i reformatted it i had no 98se clients, the time has come now where i need again a couple of windows 98se machines.

ive just installed windows98se on two computers and nether can connect to my network (other computers or the DHCP server).

i know the network cards are fine and the drivers are installed, this is really annyoing as i had windows98 working fine before with the DHCP server, but i also had this problem a little while ago with two windows98 laptops that would NOT connect to anything either.

The settings on the windows98 pc's are as i believe they sould be : client for microsoft networks, [the adaptor], IPX/SPZ, NetBEUI, TCP/IP and File and printer sharing.

The TCP/IP Properties are DHCP enabled, use DHCP server for WINS, disable DNS.

file shareing is enabled and the primary netowork logon is client for microsft networks.

im also wondering if it could be that im missing a setting on the DHCP server that windows98 needs but windows2000 dosent.

Can anybody help me get the windows98 machines connect to the network and DHCP server?


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Fist if you are not using any Novell servers you should not use IPX.
Second, check the ip information on those Win 98 machines(run winipcfg, or ipconfig /all) check if they are receiving info from the DHCP.
Third, make sure you are using  MIcrosoft Networks, instead of Windows Logon or Microsoft Network Family, on the drop down menu on your  NEtwork's Connection  Properties.
Forth, If that windows 2000 is a domain controller, check the properties of Client for Microsoft Networks, and check if you entered the NT domain, where the computers will be login to.
POst back with more info.

Can you ping successfuly from win98, other computers on the network?


ok IPX removed.

no, they cant contact the dhcp server so windows 98 auto configures them with the 169.x.x.x range
i am using Microsoft Networks
its not a domain controller
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no i cant ping other computers


also i just set the ip's manualy connected the two windows98 computers together with a cross over cable and they ping each other fine, put it into my switch and it wont work. i cant see how its the switch tho.


OMG, thats is the most stupidst thing ever.

i just unplugged the switch, plugged it back in and it works fine. even tho on the switch all the lights were on correctly.

thanks for your help koquito :)

Well, I'm glad you got it working. Ping and ip configuration, are both  very usefull and help to discover where is the problem.
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