Where to find Disk Copy 6.5b11 or b13

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I need to mount an OS X backup image (DMG) under OS 9, but only Disk Copy 6.5 is rumoured to support the format under OS 9. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can easily download it? I've tried Hotline but all the servers that have it also have very long queues and other problems which aren't allowing me to get it; can't find it anywhere else.
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Legally? No. 6.5 hasn't been officially released and is under copyright. Mounting an OS X backup image in OS 9 isnt a good idea anyway since OS 9 is likely to strip the chunks that OS X needs in order to boot.
did you try  registering at Apple's Developer Connection? <http://developer.apple.com> This will give you access to some pre-release development software, which may include the software you are looking for.

Where did you get info on Disk Copy 6.5? is this an OS 9 or an OS X app? If OS 9, it's likely you'll never see it, as development on that OS has been stopped.

Have you also tried here: <http://www.versiontracker.com/mp/new_search.m?productDB=mac&mode=Quick&OS_Filter=MacOS&search=dmg&x=21&y=12>
rumoured is the key word.. i have dl it as you and try it to mont dmg, no luck

try toast 5 (maybe) to mont the image (does not work for me)

Get a friend that have os x, open it , copy it to a cd and use it on os 9, THAT work for me !

hope better luck !


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Found it on Google News search, but still won't mount properly... grr. I'm awarding it to pike480 for coming closest; I found it on the developer site too. Thanks, guys, for giving it a shot!

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ask a new quesiton, gharnett

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