DV Capture Problem w/Sony Handycam 70V, WD800B006-RNN, and Pinnacle Studio 8

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I recently purchased all three items.  Both the Western Digital external hard drive and the Sony Handycam have USB/Firewire connections.  The Handycam works fine using either connection, so does the hard drive.  

The Pinnacle software is the 'Studio DV' version 8.4.16.  

However when I go to capture video to disk in Studio 8, I receive an error "Drive F: is not capable of capturing DV data".  It works great on C: drive though.

I am using a Compaq 1700T laptop with firewire PCMCIA and USB connectivity.

The requirements for the Pinnacle Studio 8 is that the hard drive must be capable of a substained reading and writing at 4MBs.  It states that all SCSI and most UDMA drives are capable of this.  Seeing as how this is a firewire drive, I would think it would also but I can't find any information to support this.

WD's web site doesn't even list this drive, they list a WD800B002 external drive.

Any comments?
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can you run some benchmarks on the drive and see what sustained rate is supported dynamically?
you can use sisoft-sandra for this.
I'm not familiar with the laptop, is it running 98?  If so, the following is from WD:

If using the FireWire interface, Western Digital strongly recommends that
you first download the Windows 98SE 1394 Storage Supplement Update.
Go to support.microsoft.com and search for Knowledge Base Article ID
Q242975 in the upper left hand corner of the page. Once you have located
the article, download and install the update.

Also, the latest WD drivers can be found here:

-Steve G


Thanks guys for the input.

kiranghag - it shows on the data test that it is running 10.+ MB/s on read and 2.+ MB/s on write. So the write is the problem.  I called tech support for Western Dightal and she said that department wouldn't be open again until Tuesday.

Steve, My system is running ME.

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till then you can try following steve's comments...


Thanks kiranghag, but like I said, I am running ME, not Windows 98.


Also, I said that in my question that the first thing I did was to check for latest drivers for that drive.  WD doesn't list it anywhere.
WD does mention external combo drives, but only provides software for 98.   ME should be fully 1394 compliant and have all the drivers you need built-in.  I would certainly call WD on Tuesday to ask about the write speed, which would appear to be the culprit here.  Have you tried using other 1394 cables?

Something else you might want to look at is the Pinnacle site.  There's a Studio 8 download area that you can peruse, with a Microsoft 1394 test tool, a patch, and a few other things:

capture test tool:


studio 8 downloads:


If those links do not work, search the Pinnacle site for 'Studio 8', then follow the links for Support.

-Steve G
Hey guys, I found the problem.  It is the hard drive! It is too slow.  According to everything I read it should work for DV, but it doesn't say what speed it will capture it at.  Reads are not a problem, it is the writes.  WD should advertise the capture speed, then you would know that the disk will not support  the software you are purchasing with it.

Yes, Steve, like I said also, I found on WD's web site external drives, but not the one I bought.

I have since read where other drives will meet or exceed the requirements, ACOM, Buslink, etc.  After consideration I decided to purchase an ACOM drive, works great.  Too bad because I like WD.

Thanks for all of your comments.

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