How do I access Secure Platform install from I.E.????

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Alright this is a complete newbie question, but here is the deal. I
have a W2k advanced server box, I have installed on it a vmware
package (virtual machine) and on the vmware I have Secure Platform
installed on it. After the install completes I can either access
Secure platform via command line to load the firewall, or access via  When I pull up IE on my w2k machine and put
in it gives page can not be displayed. Am I
accessing this correctly? What could be wrong?
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1) First of all the ovbious: you have to setup the VMware interface in the way to be reachable from the physical host. either host-only, or external. Make sure you have ping or anything else from the phys machine to the virt host.
Then try the https:/...
If it works then I guess you're lucky, because:
2) VMware has a  bug (unsolved in 4.0 workstation) which because of some misterious reason prevents SSL connections into the virtual hosts. (SPlat anywhere). We had a case opened in VMware, but still waiting....
3) the good news is that you should be able to connect to splat from any external machine without problem.

Hope this helps
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