Embedding python (or other scripting languages) into a C++ program

I'd like to implement functionality in C++ but give users the ability to write scripts in a language like Python.  These scripts would exists as separate files, which they could edit as regular python (or whatever) scripts.  They would call my C++ functions but the control structures would be native to the scripting language.      

Sorry if this is muddled.  I can clarify.

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What exactly is your question? It is possible and easy to extend an application with scripting using Python, although I'm not exactly a fan of its syntax. There is a load of links on this page http://www.vendian.org/language_year/ in the Python section that may be useful to you. Also, boost has a Python interface -- to see it at work have a look at http://www.flipcode.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?showThread=COTD-PythonCPP&forum=cotd&id=-1 . Hope this was the direction you were looking for. If not, feel free to clearify what exactly you are after.

There is extensive documentation on embedding Python at http://www.python.org/doc/current/ext/ext.html. Also, fl0yd's recommendation for the Boost library is a good one if you want to export C++ classes to Python (or the other way around). See http://www.boost.org/libs/python/doc/index.html.

However, if you don't need the exhaustive class library that Python offers, I think you could be happier with Lua (http://www.lua.org). It's much smaller in footprint and, I think, also faster than Python. It offers only the minimum in built-in functions and lets the host application provide the relevant functionality, which is often what you want from a scripting language. Many free and commercial applications (including, for instance, Lucas Arts' Escape from Monkey Island) have already employed it for scripting with good success.


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