Zonealarm And Generic Host Process For Win32 Services.

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Hi I recently installed Zonealarm. The Generic Host Process For Win32 Services is troubling me.
Can you please tell me what it is for ?
What does it do ?
Is it a spy program ?
What should be the rules for the program ?
Should it be blocked ?
If not ,why so?
How to make rules for Generic Host Process For Win32 Services in Zonealarm 4 ?

I use a Lan Internet Connection Using PPPoE.
I have a static IP address. But it is local, not global.
I use a PPPoE Client to connect to a server which gives me internet access.
Please help me

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My advice is block the GHP service.
GHP (aka svchost.exe) is a 'carrier' or 'piggy back' service that connects to the internet on behalf of other services/apps, the problem is you have to figure out what is REALLY connecting to the net, it could be legitamate or it could be, well, anything.

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Many Regards
Jorgen Malmgren

:o) Your brain is like a parachute. It works best when it's open

:o) Glad I could help you. Thank you for the points
One other thing trywaredk
For those who dont have coperate anti virus sofwtare you can download a FREE app from McAfee, it covers the major viruses and is just an exe to run. IT is not a substitue for a anti virus software but is the first place to start if you dont use anything just to have a quick check to see whats on your pc, Thumbs up to McAfee

How can I unsubscribe from this expert exchange service?  It do give me a lot of information but I do not use it occasionally and I'm only using the computer for working purposes not a heavy user.

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