Problem with one account seeing internet using Win XP Internet connection sharing

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I have a home network set up with a 10/100 switch. I have set up ICS on an XP Pro machine which has an ADSL connection to the internet
The second machine Xp Home has two local  accounts set up, I can browse the network from one account and also connect to the internet but when using the other local account I get a 404 Access forbidden  Not on ACL error

Strange? Any ideas why one account can see the internet connection across the network, but the other cant get access?

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What groups are the two users members of??  If the user that can't gain access is in the users group only try adding the user to power users.


ther accounts are on XP home. So dont have groups.

Im trying afew other suggestions to see if I can sort it

Check if the second machine is receiving IP information form the XP machine or it is assigning tis IP itself. Which will tell you if at least there is communications between the two.
Seems like somewhere you have a firewall or a filter, that hasnt been configured to accept internet(port 80) comunications from or to that second computer.
I would disable Internet Connection Firewall on the fisrt XP comp, to see if anything changes, second, check for any other filter or firewall around (maybe built in to the switch, or software based ). IF the second computer is not receiving IP info from the XP, then the problem could be from a different source.
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Could be a hijacked HOSTS file, or a network misconfiguration on the bad PC.  Could also be some weird firewall settings on either the bad PC or the ICS host.

See what hapens when you ping the same host name from both "secondary" PCs.  Also, use the resulting IP address to tracert, and http:// that IP address directly.
Sounds like you have a common username/password on the two computers... which would allow access.

For instance, if you have a username/password combination on computer 1 of administrator/password and the same username/password (administrator/password) in an account on another machine (both in the same workgroup) you will have access to the other machine.

Try adding the account that is not able to access the Internet to the machine that is providing ICS with the same username/password combination.



I checked all of the above. I could pin f the host machine from both accounts.

However after checking the Internet Settings in IE on the Pc with the account that could not browse the web, I finally spotted that it was looking for a proxy address. Dont know why, as previously the settings were correct before running the ICS net setup.

As an aside would it be better to assign the two accounts on these Static IPs e.g 192.168.0.x or would that screw up ICS?

Thanks anyway

You can assign statics, as long as they are outside the ICS assignment range.

But why would you?

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