Creating Web Applications!

My plan is to provide a web interface to my application. My application has two parts: Server Side and Client Side. The client will open his Delphi exe file to see a form contains a WebBrowser component. That webbrowser will try to access a predifined homepage (which is created by the Server Side) it will show a webpage asking for username and password.

I should be able to use my own desined interface on the form of the server side application. I noticed that intraWeb is giving it's own Stand Alone server. but I can not sell this to my customer ;)

As I imagine that the server could send some http pages to the WebBrowser on the Client. Other way is to send a string contains the html text to the client and the client should show it in the browser. but this might be a bad idea because I will not be able to show pictures!

I need your help regarding the technology that I should use and that technology should be webbased.

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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
SOAP perhaps?
HamidHossainAuthor Commented:
With SOAP i will not be able to create a html interface at the client side. I will use db-aware components instead.

I have to show web interface with themes! that's what I am looking for.

Thanks any way!
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Perhaps by combining SOAP with CGI technologies. Create the SOAP server as a CGI stand-alone applications and combine the SOAP methods with standard CGI pages. When you need to access a page, you call the CGI method. When you need to call a method, you call the SOAP interface. I haven't tried this since I haven't used SOAP that much but it seems a good combination to me. All in one executable. And both techniques are pure web-based.

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HamidHossainAuthor Commented:
I am now testing Indy HTTPServer. It working very well ;)

Could you please refer to the examples at Delphi Demos for it. It is doing exactly as I want. but the problem that if I used the TableProducer component I will be able to do limited changes in the tables design.

As I mentioned, I am planning to use themes. so, any suggessions!

there are many skinning components you can use, the one that might fit yours needs it called DynamicSkin (I dont have a link off the top of my head)
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Hello Hamid

if you would like to return web pages to read them from your client application, IW can help you, look at CustomStandAlone demo that came with IW,

if you just need the flat skins, much skins components offer them, I can give you a list if you just need  skins
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