Steal my data?

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When I connected to Internet, watched BBC web page, the download was finished. But I found my computer was still continuing send data out from the connection status program in the Taskbar. Did this mean my data was stolen? If it was, how can I found the program that stole my data?

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Use a firewall, it will tell you, who and what's going on. But you should also protect your computer with antivirus, adaware and spyware programs

Use this free online Trend Housecall scanner to find and clean every known virus/rootkits/backdoors:

Some viruses can't be removed by housecall. If so, use the free Trend Micro system cleaner:

If you get's an ActiveX error, when loading the HouseCall web page:

If you want to secure your one workstation in the future, consider to purchase PC-cillin with builtin firewall:

If you want to secure your company's workstations in the future, consider to purchase OfficeScan:

If you can afford it, you can get an url-scanning engine installed on a server with workstation, server-, email and url-scanning engine from

Virus Information Alliance (VIA)

Review of the best antivirus solutions:,11066,0-806174-1202-0,00.html?tag=dir-av&pn=1&ob=3&qt=&qn=&F2=0&F3=0&sm=0

Getting a personal Firewall

Download the free version of Sygate personal firewall

Download the free version of ZoneAlarm firewall

Comparative reviews of personal firewall software: 

Firewall Product Selector - Choose yourself which one to compare

The Internet Connection Firewall Can Prevent Browsing and File Sharing;en-us;298804


Ad-aware Standard Edition is THE award winning, free*, multicomponent adware detection and removal utility:

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Jorgen Malmgren

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Hi, Jorgen Malmgren
Thank u very much. I used Housecall to scan my disk, it found a virus, worm_msblast.d(c:\system Volume information\_restore{ED93968E-31DD-4D2F-872D-C1B7A3DDFCAA}\RP71\A0035127.exe [worm_msblast.d]). But it couldn't cleaned it. Then I tried Trend Micro system cleaner, it found the same virus, but it still couldn't kill it. So, if u know, could u tell me how to remove it?

Many thanks

peter shaw
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How to Gain Access to the System Volume Information Folder;en-us;309531


Firstly, thank u very very much. I have get rid of the virus.
One more question is the Trend micro's suggestion:
      "TrendLabs also asks users to filter access to ports 135, 666-765 and allow trusted and internal sites only. "
How can I do this?

:o) Glad I could help you - thank you for the points

Protect Private Ports with IPSec

Overview of Secure IP Communication with IPSec in Windows 2000

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