Is it possible to do 'software raid' on win 98ese?

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I have 3 hard drives and am looking to do a 'software raid' .  I know you can do this on winME or is it win 2000  , one of the two,   but what about win 98se?

is there some kind of 3rd party sotware that enables you to use win98se?

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I regret that I cannot find any solution to provide you with software RAID on Win98SE

There are software solutions for NT/XP/2000/2003/Linux and others, but the only option that I have been able to find for Win98 are hardware based. - Best keep doing the backups - sorry:(

Of course, there may be some support for RAID if your motherboard supports it - e.g. here with the VIA 4 in 1:

otherwise, you'll need to fork out for an IDE RAID card (or a SCSI if you can afford to buy the Discs as well...because SCSI is generally fasster).

Personally, IMHO, I have found that software RAID eats into CPU resources, and it's a much better idea to fork out for a hardware solution......or just make sure that you keep those backups up to date.....

Hope that helps:)

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