Integrating Sql Database

d_sureshb used Ask the Experts™
I came to know that, we can integrate sql inside a program

for example:

I have a Program Developed in VB Which uses a sql database as backend

now iam going to deploy this application on a system which doesn't has sql database installed
what shall i do to work with.

I need to run my program without having an sql server

is there any option for this

Thanks in advance

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I am not sure of what to understand from your post:
-You have a program using data which usually resides on a sql dbms
-(a) want to get rid of this dbms server
-(b) want to access a dbms server residing on another platform

a&b) I hope you already use a middleware (like MDCA-ODBC-DAO) to access your data through a normalized SQL syntax

a) You may use local files to store your data while keeping sql as the language to access them
Its easy to store your tables in text files or MS-access db or any other "personal" dbms

b) Every dbms I know has the ability to reside on a server and be queried on another machine
You may need some hints on how to operate this as it is specific to each dbms, but you can give us the current vendor-version-release of your sql server and we will surely handle this for you.

Hope this helps.
I suppose you mean using Microsort Data Engine (dubbed MSDE) as a portable SQL server. You can easily search MS site or MSDN for data regarding this. Note, though, that it *is* an additional install (i.e. not a DLL throw-in). You can, however, use the MS-provided merge modules to install it silently yourself.
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MSDE is covered nicely here:
    Using MSDE for Redistributable or Low-Concurrency Applications

    MSDE 1.0 Technical FAQ

Download it here:

You might also consider using a "smaller" database, such as Access.  My company distributes a "demo" version app with a Sybase runtime DBMS (small footprint, no install headaches).  By changing only the connection string (well a few other minor tweaks) the same program uses MsSQL for the production release.
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MSDE is a viable alternative when Ms SQL Server is not availalble.  Links are still valid as are other comments by both Experts.

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My post is still valid and d_sureshb did not mention MS SQL Server but "an sql server"...

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fine with me... I should have read your suggestion more cloesly. -- Dan

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