Norton Antivirus 2002 + win98

Hi Experts,

I tried use nav2002 on win98. After installing it, restart. You see the 3rd window "To do's after installing" (running LiveUpdate, etc.) and after selecting the needed positions Next, and I've got the following message (this was a hungarian text and I try to translate it):

Window's Caption: Internet Explorer command file error

Error in the command file on the page
Row: 316
Character: 2
Error: unknown error
Code: 0
URL: res://c:\program%20files\norton%20antivirus\cfgwiz.exe/CfgWizRoadmap.htm
Would you like to continue the running of the command files on the page? Yes/No

And I can't continue, pressing neither yes or no. Every time returns back to the same window above (3rd).

I reinstalled after uninstalling but this didn't help.

Proc: GenuineIntel x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10, 256MB RAM

Could somebody helpme?

with best regards


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kacorretiredAuthor Commented:
I tried to install Norton Personal Firewall 2002 but the first reaction was the error window:

Runtime error!

Program C:\Program Files\Norton Personal Firewall\IntroWiz.exe

abnormal program termination OK

Would be this a time protection??


No time protection, there seems to be a problem with the IE. See the following KB article and try the troubleshooting recommended there:

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kacorretiredAuthor Commented:
Hi ghana,
on the mentioned PC was 4 different antivirus SW but not refreshed! I run an other (fifth) virus detector and I found it was a plenty of viruses - over 20 of different kind! :-))). This was virtual proof from viruses..... I decided to format this hdd and install everything again because to repair all these without problem is impossible - i mean. I'll read the recommended article.

Thanks for your help!


> I decided to format this hdd and install everything again because to repair all these without problem is impossible - i mean.

I think this was a good decision. It will be a good idea to keep the antivirus software current after new installation! Please keep in mind that there must be never 2 or more antivirus programs at the same time on a computer that have an on access scanner. If you have an antivirus software that doesn't have an on access scanner then you can install it in addition to another software. But never 2 av programs with on access scanner!

Although I'm happy if one of my comments will be accepted as answer you should do this only in the case that the comment solved your problem. Other people might have the same problem like you in the future. They will search the EE previously asked questions (PAQ) to get an answer. And they will be disappointed if the accepted comment won't solve the problem.
kacorretiredAuthor Commented:
Dear ghana,

yes I know this but this was the PC of my friend and as I tried to solve the problems the only way was to format. Otherwise I read the mentioned article and it was interesting and useful for me.

I wish you good health

with best regards

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