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Hi, I am looking for some advice on notebooks. I am looking  at get a new fast notebook. I just can't decide what to get. That where you come in.
I am going to be using it for web development, programing in php using ZEND (uses a lot of ram), running MySQL and Apache for development. I will also be using photoshop. I wanted to get a 16" or 15" screen a 60G 5400rpm hard drive and 64 or 128mb video card and 1G of ram. This will be my main computer at work. Most of the time I will be just at my desk with the machine plug in. I also have to do all the tech installs and networking so I do have to travel a bit with it. The CPU is what I am trying to pick now.
I am just wondering what is better to get and overall faster.
p4 3.0
Mobile p4 2.6
pentiumM 1.7

Does anyone have any thoughts on what notebook I should by? I own a Dell Inspirion 8000 and I have to admit I HATE dell. I have had everything replaced in my machine except the case. Motherboard, cpu, ram twice, HD. I hate the support people I dealt with too. I am sure I just got a lemon but they where not very helpful and didn't offer me any compensation for selling me a piece of crap. Sorry about that I am still bitter.

Does anyone have any link to any good computer stores where to buy a notebook from. I would prefer a canadian store (live in Canada) or someone who will ship internationally. But if not that is ok I have friends that live in the US, I could go get if I had to.

I have checked out they have some good high end machines the prices seem pretty good to. They say the notebooks are EUROCOM, I went to their site worst prices EVER. I think they are just SAGER notebooks which seem pretty good. Has anyone ever used a ECS G732E Notebook? They seem to be a pretty good deal. They are a barebones notebook. I have seen some places online and ebay stores selling them complete.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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I came across a couple of ASUS laptops a year ago (people at work got them). They had a nice feel to them,
solid, like, and their screens and KB were very good, IMO. Those were high-end machines at that time, so
 not up to your present specs... I have also had to handle a few Fujitsu-Siemens machines and they, too, seem
to be of good quality.  Perhaps these brands are available in Canada as well.
Check Sony`s variety of laptops at their website , They have very good machines
Also check compaq for the Presario and EVO wide screen 15.4" with Peniumt M processor up to 1.7
Compaq has configrubale ones too
If you are looking for cheap but powerful notebook, ECS has a series of notebook called DeskNote which uses standard desktop hardware compare to other normal notebook.
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