||urgent|| find file or something

hi, i have a problem, i have nothing and i dont know where or how to start
what i need is a program that displays all the folders in a directory in a listbox and then searches to see if it has a .wav file in it
if a .wav file exists then the program should display a done caption next to the folder name, if a .wav file dosnt exist then it should display a not done caption next to the folder name

any help would be great, even if it is just a little bit of code to start from

(p.s i am very new to vb programming)
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im a little lost.. but this may help out..

create a drive box... name is drive1
create a directory box.. name is dir1
create a filelist box... name is file1

go to your filelist box.. properties>pattern. put in... *.wav (or *.filetypeext)

open the drive box script.. put in

Private Sub Drive1_Change()
Dir1 = Drive1
End Sub

open up the directory script.. put in

Private Sub Dir1_Change()
File1 = Dir1
End Sub

when your done.. it should display if a .wav file is in the directory...

"if a .wav file exists then the program should display a done caption next to the folder name, if a .wav file dosnt exist then it should display a not done caption next to the folder name" i dont know about that.. right now.
--laser--Author Commented:
this is good except i need it to show the names of all the folders in a directory
umm.. the dir1 box should list all the folders in there. or do you mean something else? explain.
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--laser--Author Commented:
sorry i wasnt clear, i no that dir1 displays the folders, but i need them in like a listbox or something

--laser--Author Commented:
give me your email address and i will send you a screenshot of what i mean
--laser--Author Commented:
if you go into windows explorer then click on the view menu, then press details, up the top you will see a bar that you can use to resize the columns, that is what kind of list i want
What you want is a ListView Control.It is part of Microsoft Windows Common Controls.

Try this,add a ListView Control and then right click the control and change the View to - 3 lvwReport.Then under the column headers tab use the insert column button to insert 2 columns.

Then add a reference to Microsoft scripting runtime and add a command button:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject
Dim fMainFolder As Folder
Dim fSubFolder As Folder
Dim fFile As File
Dim liItem As ListItem
Dim sPath As String

sPath = "C:\Somedir"


Set fMainFolder = fso.GetFolder(sPath)

For Each fSubFolder In fMainFolder.SubFolders
   Set liItem = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , fSubFolder.Name)

If Dir$(sPath & "\" & fSubFolder.Name & "\*.wav") <> "" Then
    liItem.SubItems(1) = "Done"
    liItem.SubItems(1) = "Not Done"
End If

Next fSubFolder

End Sub

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--laser--Author Commented:
you are a legend thank you so much, now that i see the code i could have done it myself but i just didnt know where to start, thank you
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