question about agp on tyan Thunder K7X Pro

hello docey here,

i i'm looking for a new motherbord with 8x AGP and dual AMP Athlon MP
i current hava Asus A7M266-D with 2x AMD Athlon MP 1900+. the problem is
that it has 4x AGP wich is getting a bit slow nowadays.

now i have found the Tyan Thunder K7X pro. but the website say's
it has: AGP Pro110. after some searching and reading so reviews its seems
that AGP Pro110 is somkind of level 3 of AGP 3.0 at 110 watts.

but all those reviews are confusing me, some sites say's you can put an AGP Pro card
on this motherbord, but the many of the resellers say it has 4x AGP.

now to the point, can i place a 8x AGP like the ATI Radeon9800 Pro on this
motherbord or am i wrong and is this not 8x AGP

i hope some one can give me some proof that this is 8x AGP or is
not 8x AGP because i am getting a bit confused.

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At the Tyan website here
Under "Expansion Slots ", first line
It is found that the board supports AGP PRO/ AGP 4X , It doesn`t support AGP 8x ( if u bought it ur card will work but as AGP 4X only )
I forget to say , no motherboard from Tyan Supports Dual Athlon MP processor and AGP 8X
you will have to search some ware
Looking here:

You will find that it states that it has an AGP Pro slot, but will also support 4 x and 2 x AGP in the slot....the question is:

What exactly is AGP Pro110?

Here is a fairly good explanation of the issues:

Details for the ATI Radeon9800 Pro are here:

Basically, what your situation boils down to with this combination is that the AGP Pro110 socket provides ample power to support the Radeon9800 pro board, however, it does not supprot 8x AGP as that is based around a lower voltage. As both the motherboard and graphics card support 4x AGP, I understand from the above links that these 2 boards can be used together successfully.

This does not mean that all is lost with respect to your required increasse in speed. The whole point of these high spec graphics cards is that much of the rendering/image processing is done on the card iself, rather than on the motherboard - this reduces the communications overhead required between the 2. This means that you will get some performance improvement, but I haven't a clue how much.

Another point to bear in mind is that dual processor boards are always behind the 'cutting edge', because they are a smaller market, and therefore priority is given to the development of the single processor variants. Also dual processor boards tend to be fo high end servers, rather than real time graphics, and hence the graphics capability will always be a bit behind.

Hope that the above info help:)
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
AGP "X" factor doesn't make a whole lot of difference anyway, the only time it comes into play is if you fill the 128/256MB of RAM on the card with textures for games, 3D models, etc, then the system's RAM is used to "swap" to.  The 9800 will work fine in the board you've selected, at least as far as AGP "x" values are concerned (no guarantee that the board won't have some kind of compatability issue with ATI Radeon 9x00 cards in general or some other such thing, but this is fairly unlikely).

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