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Hi Experts,

I have a Desktop PC which has a Network Card and a Laptop which Also Has a network
I currently run Redhat 9 on the Desktop PC and Win XP Home on the Laptop these are connected to a
switch Could Someone help me how could I get them to start talking to each other Plus I want to share the internet

My Desktop PC has the Modem Installed and I want to Allow The Laptop Access to the Internet could
and one help me so i could do this in a step by step process or does anyone have a tutorial on doing it

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Try using an IPTables script.  This will in effect turn your RHL9 box into a NAT router meaning you can add many more machines that will all share the same connection.

If you do a search on Google for "IPTables NAT router script" you should get loads of example scripts that you can play with, and most of them include a basic tutorial on setting up IPTables and applying the script to your particular setup.

Hope this is of help.
Shorewall(http:\\ is probably the best solution for you. I use webmin (http:\\ to setup the shorewall). Webmin is an excellent tool that will let you configure all the nice utilities that come w/ Linux. Samba (http:\\ will let you share your files and printers.


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