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Today I wanted to download IE  6, all the files necessary for an install, I found that I don't know how or where to do so. The only download I could find was for the setup file which starts the install, and then the install process downloads the remaining necessary files. This is fine 80% of the time when broadband is available. However, for those occasions when IE 5.0 or 5.5 are installed and dial-up is the connection method, it would be nice to have the whole shebang on a CD.

Is it possible to download all files necessary for IE 6 without doing the install, save them to burn to a CD? (Without ordering the CD from MS?)
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Greetings, westone!
  Yes. You can get the whoe 80 MB here.

Full IE6 Download

Best wishes, war1

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You can also run the setup file (ie6setup.exe) and go through the screens. At the screen where you choose what options you want installed there is a button labeled Advanced, click this and put a checkmark next to the Download Only option. Then click OK and click Next a few times and it will download the IE6 installation files. When this is done, open Windows Explorer and you should find all the necessary installation files in C:\Windows Update Setup Files.

Hope this helps.

To scottrma: That used to be true - in NT 4.0. When run under Win2k or WinXP, that option doesn't appear. I recently had that same problem, and had to use an NT4 machine to download IE6. By the way, from NT4 you can download it for all supported platforms.

Paulo Meireles
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Here's how to download IE6 to a folder:

1. Make an empty folder (such as  'IExplorer')
2. Download ie6setup.exe to your empty folder (i.e. C:\IExplorer\ie6setup.exe)

3. Create a shortcut to ie6setup.exe
4. Right-Click the shortcut you just made and select 'Properties'
5.  In the 'Target' box, add this code  

                /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

      The 'Target' field will look like:

                C:\IExplorer\ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

6.  TO DOWNLOAD: Click your shortcut and agree to Microsoft's terms, etc.
     InternetExplorer will download to your folder (without installing!)

7.  TO INSTALL:  Click ie6setup.exe

I beleive the documentation is in the IE6 administration documentation. I have seen this posted in the past on
start/windows update. find IE 6 and start downloading, a box will pop up before downloading and ask you "do you want to open from here or save it" click save and then locate your CD Re-writer (browse) and then slick save. or save it to a folder 1st and then move that folder to a blank CD, better that way.

Another idea - pop round to your local PC hypermarket/supermarket, and pick up one of their free CDs for internet access - Use that to install IE6, just don't use their service - OK, so you'll end up with some of their IE6 customisations, but you won't have to donload 80MB if you're on limited bandwidth:)

But thats not the whole installtion is it Huseyin1?  If I understand it correctly, its just the starter file...
westoneAuthor Commented:
Rinnt is correct, that is just the setup file.

Points to war1 for the first and EASIEST solution! That site has more browsers than I knew existed. Thanks!

A couple of the other suggestions had been tried prior to starting this thread and did't work.
Wow, you are right! There are a lot of browsers there! Personally I recommend Mozillia if you feel like trying something new.   Like many non-IE browsers, Mozillia is not vulnerable to IE exploits.  Also, a big feature I love is the ability to block pop up windows!  You can even choose excpetions for the popups and a sound file to be played when it does block =) Plus it has some nice themes for eye candy.
Glad to help.
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