Help.... Exchange 2000 priv1.edb recovery: Dirty shutdown,eseutil /p remain in "stand by" on "repair damaged database" at 90%

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Hi..after a crash of the server (win2000,exch2000) we've copy the Mdbdata in another PC.
Reinstalled Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 Server.
Now we're trying to mount the mailbox store (Priv1.edb 5 GB) but we receive this error:

The database files in this storage is incosistent.

So, following the MS article n. 327156:
Eseutil.exe says that we have a "Dirty shutdown" database
"Eseutil /p" remains in "stand by" on "repair damaged database" step at 90% (the day after was still at 90%).

Any suggestion will be ver very appreciated....
Thanks in advanve to everybody.

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Freddy, you have my sympathy. HAve just spent most of this week getting our e2k server up and running again. What about backups? We spent 2 days running eseutil /p and isinteg - finally got the information stores mounted but found approx 50% of users had absolutely nothing in their accounts.

Then resorted to restoring from backup (we used MS backup)- was surprisingly straightforward and hassle free.

If you have't backups and eseutil /p will not run you will need to try a eseutil /r to get the databases into a 'consistent' or clean shutdown state before it will let you run the /p option. Our database was 12Gb and the /p took 8 hours to run.
Afer that you'll need to do an isinteg - but be aware there can be significant data loss.

Good luck.


we decided to pay 303 Euros to have support direct from Microsoft.
We filled and faxed the request form (payment with credit card required !!).
After 2 hours Microsoft called me to analized (solve) the problem.
At the beginning the Lady was enough optimist.
Unfortunately she started to ask me to do the same steps that I've already done.
At the end we still tried  together run th eseutil /p,it still stopped at 90%.
She said that the DB was very corrupted because the eseutil did not finish.
She said also that her support call would have been free because we had already done the exact and possible procedure.
So... thanks to everybody for your suggestions.
Here in Italy we say "Sbagliando si impara" (we learn by our mistakes).
I think that the MS Outlook  "synchronization" with a local .ost files is the most simple thing to do, not only for the notebooks but also for the workstations.
And then backups backups backups ...
Freddy with simpathy.

I am having a similar problem. Exchange 5.5 sp4 on Windows NT 4 sp6.  
Priv.edb is in an inconsistent state.  I run eseutil /p, it remain in "repair damaged database" at 70% for a while then the whole server froze; keyboard and mouse stop working and even the displayed clock stopped.
I tried this a few times, and it always ends up hanging. I understand eseutil may get 'stuck' at somepoint for a long time but here the server is hung! Is this normal?

Should be wait or is my store too corrupted to be repaired??

Hi wilfred
have you a good recent backup to revert back to?
What size is the priv.edb - is there enough free disk space to run the eseutil?

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