Oracle runtime error 2147467259

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   I am running oracle on my backup server which is on Win 2000.  When i run my VB app. on it i get a message saying oracle runtime error 2147467259 "Oracle error occured but the error message from oracle could not be retrieved". I dont get any such message on any other machine  which means that my VB coding is right and also i can connect to oracle from my SQL *Plus so there is no problem in oracle also.
I know that there is some problem cause of ODBC but dont know the solution.
Can anyone help me please???
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Have you checked the event log?


no i havent checked event log. i think the problem is of ODBC. i have also installed MDAC 2.7
Try something simple. Check your Oracle home.

1. Go to Start -> Run and type regedit.
3. Look at the entry ORACLE_HOME.

If the path is incorrect, you may have a problem with the ADO connection even though you can connect using SQL Plus.

My oracle home is C:\oracle\ora817

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