507 error 'an exception occured' in the ASP created by Recrystallize during export to PDF

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       HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP Error

       Error Type:
       Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01FB)
       An exception occurred: 'session(...).Export'

Issue Description: I have ASP pages that generate PDF files that are
displayed on the clients..
This error Randomly occurs..
It seems to happen when several users are running reports..
It errors on any report, at any time..
Once a report gets this error - all reports then get it..
I have to stop and restart the IIS and Report Services to fix it..
Then everything is fine until it happens again..
It sometimes works a week.. Sometimes errors several times in a day..

I have reloaded a different server.
Windows 2000.. Service Pack 4.. MDAC v2.8.. IIS v5..
All windows updates have been applied..
The following software is installed:
         Crystal Reports Advanced and Report Application Server v9.2.0.448..
         Recrystallize v5.1.3
                (I was getting this error on v5.1.1 also)
        CR Oracle ODBC Driver v4.10
                (I also tried Oracle ODBC v9.2 Driver and the Microsoft Oracle ODBC Driver)
These are the only things running on this server..
I am still getting the error..

        Oracle v8.1.7.45
                (I also tried an Oracle 9.2 Database on a different machine)

Once the error occurs Crystal's sample that exports from asp to pdf still works..
        but of course it doesn't contact a database or anything..

I added 'on error resume next' at the top of an asp page  and after the 'session(orpt)export=false' I added
        if err then
                response.write "Error Number: " & err.number & " Description: " & err.description & " Source: " & err.source
        end if

It gave me the following:
        Error Number: 507
        Description: An Exception Occurred
        Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
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This may be related to tyour problem.  It refers to the same random error when exporting to Excel.




Thanks but I already looked at that posting..
And I contacted Crystal Decisions asking if the Crxf_pdf.dll could be doing the same thing..
and asked if they had a newer version..

I am on the latest version and they do not think it is that file.. although they are unable to find what the problem is..
Actually.. I think it is more unwilling to find the problem..

Most of the simular issues I have found on the web are pointing to some kind of API call to a COM object..
But I don't know how or what to do to troubleshoot or trace that..

Thanks again..


Thanks for attempting to help. Recrystallize is working on it.. they think is a problem with their api calls doing sub reports..
But I may stop using them anyway because I have managed to create a do it all asp page..
It scans the report and dynamically generates the parameter page.. the user then inputs their data.. then it exports to pdf and displays in the browser..

Its done enough that it is working.. but I still need to clean up my coding a bit..
I'll open a new posting and share the full thing once Im completly done..
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Sound sgood.

Glad I could help

Hi All,
I am getting a similar problem while executing a Oracle Stored Procedure from ASP. The exactly same code with same set of parameters works 100% in the development environment.  But its fails in UAT. I get the following error:
"Microsoft VbScript Runitme Error 507". Do you hv any ideas on how to resolve this? I would like to add that the recordset returned by the Stored Procedure is fed to a Crystal Report using Parallel Crystal Server.
This is very urgent, appreciate all help.


Neither me nor Recrystallize were able to solve the problem.

Recrystallize creates the ASP pages with RDC API calls)
My problem seemed to be in the RDC API call that exports the report to PDF..

What I had to do was create a new ASP that used RAS API calls instead of RDC..
Thanks for ur reply merlin5656. Will let you know if I can find any solution...

We seem to getting "Error 507: An Exception Occured" when previewing Crystal Reports (ver 9.2) using Oracle database on the IIS Web Server. Sometimes the reports come up fine and suddenly it shows up the above error. Any ideas or solutions will be appreciated.

Thank You
Never mind! The issue is resolved :)

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