Automation Error: ClassFactory cannot supply requested class

The following code works fine on my Windows 2000 box and my Win NT box, but fails with the error in the title when executed on a Citrix XP box with a Win2000 backbone.  Suggestions?

The code finds shortcuts on the desktop (actually, in whatever folder is passed to the procedure as sFolder), and searches for one string/replaces with another (sOldstring and sNewString).  Not too exciting.  

Dim sExeFile As String
Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set ofso = CreateObject("Scripting.FilesystemObject")

  Set ofolder = ofso.GetFolder(sFolder)
  Set oFiles = ofolder.Files

  For Each ofile In oFiles
    If LCase(ofso.GetExtensionName(ofile)) = "lnk" Then
       Set f = ofso.getfile(ofile)

' This just makes any "read only" shortcuts not read only anymore.  I don't bother changing them back.

        If f.Attributes And 1 Then
            f.Attributes = f.Attributes - 1
        End If
      Set olnk = oShell.CreateShortcut(ofile)
            sExeFile = LCase(olnk.targetpath)
            sExeFile = Replace(sExeFile, sOldString, sNewString)
            olnk.targetpath = sExeFile
            sWorkDir = LCase(olnk.workingdirectory)
            sWorkDir = Replace(sWorkDir, sOldString, sNewString)
            olnk.workingdirectory = sWorkDir
    End If
End Sub

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is it bombing on the first run, i mean are there any shortcuts going ok before it gives an error?

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showgieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Wolfy.  Duh.  This also explained why it worked on some of the citrix farm and not other servers.  Some had a current version of the dll, others didn't.  (Makes me wonder what the citrix administrator's doing, but whatever!)

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