cannot resolve symbol problem with borland jbuilder

I am trying to recompile a java applet I decompiled. I decompiled them all, then I renamed them to .java and placed them into a project in borland jbuilder. I tried to compile it, but got the following errors, can someone please help?

"": cannot resolve symbol: class n in class PantyChat at line 23, column 3
"": cannot resolve symbol: class o in class PantyChat at line 32, column 3
"": cannot resolve symbol: class p in class PantyChat at line 33, column 3
"": cannot resolve symbol: class q in class PantyChat at line 34, column 3
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You need to process *all* the classes. Looks like you've missed out some (inner classes?)

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freqoutAuthor Commented:
I put them all in, but how do I make them see each other
You can't. If they are no meant to, then they won't, if they are then they will unless you have a problem with your decompiler.
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You should have files n.class, o.class, p.class, q.class.
If you don't have them then check on the server where you downloaded the applet and download them from there.
It looks as if the applet has been obfuscated by the compiler. This is an attempt to make the code unreadible, even undecompilable. It does this by renaming everything it can to silly short names, to make the code hard to read. Names like n, o, p, q - these don't sound lie the original names to me. Not names I'd use anyway.

If it's a "good" obfuscator, it can make the decompilation not work at all or at the very lease be very confusing. And I think it has.

So I suspect you are not going to get very far.

I'd give up if I were you!
I'd say it certainly has been obfuscated, but those classes should still be available.
The classes might be available allright, but the JAR structure allow for several files being "overloaded" into the same name. One trick I've seen is that the JAR containing the obfuscated classes has more than one copy of foo.class. When using vanilla methods to extract the foo.class file, you will get the latest in JAR order, but that's not the good one. The application itself makes use of its special classloader that knows how to look "under the hood" and get the right class.
I'm afraid prcsn1 is right, unless you are _very_ determined to do this. Which s not very nice ... :)

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