Error 339 - Component 'MSCOMCT2.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered.

One of our users gets this error on an XP machine with a user with restrictive priveleges. They do not get the error when they run the program logged in as an admin, and manually registering the control succeeds under the admin account. Does anyone know which registry keys they would need access to for the mscomct2.ocx control to work or how to resolve this problem otherwise. Thanks!
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I think you would get a better (and quicker answer) in the Windows XP area for this question.
Log in as the restrictive priveleged user, and run this command line:

regsvr32 mscomct2.ocx

if it fails, enter the full path where the ocx is located:

regsvr32 <path>\mscomct2.ocx

If it fails, pack your app with the Package and Deployment Wizard in VB with this ocx, and during the client installation, it shall automatically register the ocx, as all others necessary ones.
jam8bAuthor Commented:
The restrictive user does not have access to the run command. We use Wise installer and the controls are installed from a merge module.
Create a batch file in admin mode, like register.bat, containing

regsvr32 <path>\mscomct2.ocx

save it, and then back in user mode run the file.

 Or make a VB program which executes this code with the Shell comand.

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