Urgent : Error : 1608 A client process exited abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors occurred, continue processing normally.

Hi guys,
We are using SYBASE ASE version, Our error log is flooded with message 1608, client process exited abnormally..

       1608       A client process exited abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors occurred, continue processing normally.        

Searched various websites including SYBASE,read the documentation which says not to worry, (all our client machines running Visual basic connecting to sybase are running fine and none of them have been disconnected as described in the message, there are about 150 simultaneous users connecting to sybase). But for us it has become serious message, flooded with hundereds and hundereds , I have to say thousands of 1608 messages per day. Network guys say network is fine. For this error we had to restart SYBASE server once in a while (for deleting log). I am really worried why sybase is not coming with a solution to this. I tried sp_altermessage 1608, with_log, false, it didn't have any effect, documentation says it works only for the "true", false doesn't have any effect. don't know what to do. I am giving 500 points, I can still increase the points depending on the answer. Can anyone please tell me how to avoid this error in my SYBASE error log file. Please help me. Thank You so much.                                                                                                                            
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Here is the information which I could find for u.

The following Error appears in the Sybase Error Log
Error 1608, Severity Level, 21
A client process exited abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors occurred, continue processing normally.

This error occurs when a client process stopped without informing SQL Server and a subsequent attempt by SQL Server to send results to this client fails.
Error 1608 is usually not serious and may be viewed as notification that a client process no longer exists. Some of the possible reasons a client process can disappear are:
     The client application was killed or ended abnormally
     The client machine was powered off or rebooted
     There is excessive network traffic
     The network connection has been dropped or interrupted
Do not be concerned if this error occurs only sporadically. However, if the error occurs frequently and continuously, or frequently for short periods of time, it may be a result of excessive network traffic or network problems.
If  it is suspected  that there are network problems, contact the network administrator in order to run diagnostics on the network between the client and the SQL Server machines to isolate the problem.
Note:      If this error is preceded by another Sybase error then obtain a complete and current copy of the Sybase error log and forward it to the SPS Help Desk for further analysis. The error log can be found in the c:\sybase\install directory on

Also if you dont want these messages to be logged u can try this.

altermessage 1608, with_log, false

I hope this works for you.


Oops try sp_altermessage 1608, with_log, false

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it sounds like the application is not closing the connection gracefully.

do a controlled test: start the app and then exit. If you get a 1608 then blame your developers, maybe a newer version of the ODBC drivers is required ???

maybe you can run your log analysis through a "grep -v" to strip out the 1608 lines.
praveenpoliAuthor Commented:
Hi guys, first things first, thanks to all for answering, but
If you see my question, I tried all the options suggested by many of you (with of no help) except the one by ChrisKing "grep-v",

Chris could you please tell me how do I do grep-v,

regarding ODBC driver, we are using the latest one (released nov 2002 - 04.10.0020 - syodase.dll)

Also we checked all the users none of them has exited abnormally as per 1608 message.

yes, "grep" is a unix command an is available via cygwin (and many other groups have also done a port to win32).

dont have any experience with that or other ODBC drivers

grep -v is a Unix command and you seem to be on a windows environment.
You can use grep command on windows with cygwin (a unix "emulator").
Just find the cygwin1.dll and grep.exe on cywgin.com.

Check if you have a line like
Cannot send, host process disconnected: MyServer 2092 spid: 14
just before your error message.

You must investigate on client processes (you can know which are the connected processes with a sp_who or a query like
use master
select spid,hostname,hostprocess,origsuid,clientname,clienthostname,clientapplname,ipaddr,cmd from sysprocesses
Try to launch it in a loop and log the processes details. Then compare with your error log and identify spid's that exit abnormaly.

praveenpoliAuthor Commented:
Thanks comnes, I'll let you know on this.
how did you get on ?
praveenpoliAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chris, but the problem is still unsolved, we are still rebooting the server once in a week, to delete the log file. Any better ideas chris ??
we tried the above sol which you specified but didn't work that way.
Once again, you should investigate on client processes.
You talk about VB applications. Maybe one of them causes problems.
An application can generate such messages without a crash.
If you use ct_lib, there are some rules that must be respected.
For example, in an application, you can connect to the database with the ct_connect function, you send commands with ct_send, etc... but at the end of your code you must use ct_cancel to cancel all pending transactions, and ct_close to close connection with the database. If you don't do so, your application won't crash or produce any error message, but errors 1608 will appear in server log.
And it is exactly the same with ODBC functions.
I guess it won't be easy, but you must tell your developpers to check their code

Good luck

PS : sp_altermessages only works with user-defined messages

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I beleive that "comnes" has just restated things that I have said although he has expanded on some points.
and ... ?
why does that mean the points the be award to comnes ?
so comnes re-iterates that "Once again, you should investigate on client processes."
nothing new gets introduced.

and you feel he has offered something new to the thread that justifies being awarded "the answer" ... amazing !
praveenpoliAuthor Commented:
Sorry friends,
I was not replying to the chain. I was busy with something else.
Actually, the messages got reduced dramatically after certain programs which are connecting to SYBASE have been identified as causing the problems.

Thank You.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for causing you so much trouble.
Christking, I just wanted to explain praveenpoli what exactly could make such errors. In your first message, you say that this kind of error can result from application not closing connection gracefully (just like explained by mansoor a khan ... :-) ...) and you finish with : maybe you should get a newer version of the ODBC drivers... Then praveenpoli answered that the problem was still unsolved. So, convinced that the problem was due to client application, i tried to explain praveenpoli what are exactly the connection mechanisms to help him identify problematic code, and i think that this was the "something new to the thread"

So now I think it's up to praveenpoli to tell us if my explanations have been helpfull.
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