Graphic and Firewall - Ugh!

Hi there,

Hope someone here can advise me.

I have a very simple html page containing a single animated graphic followed by a mailto link.

I'm also running Norton's Personal Firewall with settings at "recommended" levels.

For some reason, the graphic doesn't appear at all if the firewall is on; when I look at the code for the page, there is nothing at all between the div tags that contain the graphic. All you get is the mailto link (checked this on both IE and Mozilla browsers btw).

Any ideas on workarounds to ensure the graphic appears even for visitors who are behind a firewall?

Thanks in advance.


Mary S.

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I have seen this problem before, but as far as I know it is a client-side choice, and the ad-blocking in Norton's Firewall can prevent a graphic from showing.

You may have ad-blocking activated. If the missing element has a name that is contained in the ad-blocking list it won't show. I don't believe there's a way to ensure your visitors will see the graphic if they have the same firewall configuration.

It may be something else, if you would like to post your code. But if it is a simple HTML page then I believe it is the firewall, and there's nothing you can do about your visitors configurations.
Hi Mary,

The reason that Norton Personal Firewall's AD Blocking would block your image from appearing might be due to the following:
- Your image's URL triggered Norton Personal Firewalls's filter (and to prevent this from happening try not to use words like AD in the image address)
- The image size (width x height) is one of the commonly-seen sizes for Web banner ADs (which is listed at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's website -

Hope that helped and have a nice day!

Victor Chan

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Mary_isAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Daydreams and Victor for thinking about my problem and for your responses.

Victor, I had heard about not using the 'ad' string and similar terms, but the image size was something I hadn't considered - I have used an IAB size, even though the image isn't an ad; I'll change the size and see if that works.

Thanks again.

Have a great weekend,

Mary S.

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Hi Mary, if you think my comment helped, you may post a question in the graphics Topic Area and title it "points for daydreams", and award what you like. You can see how to do this in:, where it says, "how do I award more points", and the "points for" option.

 If you post a points-for question, you accept my comment as the answer. EE accepts these "points-for" questions if you feel the other expert helped you and you already awarded points.
This is your choice, of course, I am glad the problem was solved.
Mary_isAuthor Commented:
Hi Daydreams,

From your first comment, to me it seemed like you were agreeing that I had a problem with the firewall being on, which - unfortunately - I already knew :-)

On the other hand, from your second comment, I did read the section you referred to about extra points, which I didn't know about and will remember for next time. I've posted "points for" messages for you and Victor: - for Victor, because changing the image size has worked so well - for Daydreams  

Have a great day!

Mary S.
I did mention the ad blocking in Norton firewall first, but vitachk had the more valuable details. Thanks  for the points Mary:)
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