PCL XL Error - IllegalTag message received when trying to print

We have a user attempting to print to a networked HP LJ 4050tn printer on an NT4.0 network.  When she sends a print job to the printer it prints an error page stating that there is a PCL XL error in the KERNEL subsystem, the error being "IllegalTag".   We have a number of users printing to this machine but only the one person receiving this error message as such I am wondering if this is something on her local machine settings, but if so I am not sure what.

Please advise how best to proceed to resolve this issue.

Thanks and regards

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Try the PCL5e driver on that workstation rather than the PCL6 driver. It will work just as well and will not produce that error. PCLXL is another name for PCL6 and it is much less forgiving of slight mismatches between the printer driver and the printer. PCL5e has been around longer, gets the job done, and is often just plain better.

Check this


This guy rebooted the printer and it worked fine

Let me know if you are not able to access this thread

JerrytbAuthor Commented:
OK, Thanks Sunray I will check these out and see if any of them help solve the problem.
I was having the same problem with the PCL6 driver but on a HP LJ5000 [Windows XP SP2]. I had to change it to the PCL and it fixed it.
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