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creating a drill down page to display details of a chosen user

Hi everyone,

i have a very urgent application which requires me to create a drill down logic.
To put it in a nutshell, part of my application allows administrators to create accounts for users to access the system.

In order to keep track of the number of users created, there will be a "list all users" page which allows the administrator to have a view of all the users that he/she has created, listed in a table format using the username.

how can i perform my SQL query and how do i code my jsp in such a way that for each user, the id associated with it will be included in the <a href> link so that the userid can be passed to the next page, and this id can be used as part of the sql query to retrieve the details of the selected user.

I am a fresh newbie to jsp but have prior knowledge on sql queries and how to query the database via jsp.

Assuming my database has two attributes: username and userid.

egs would be
                                                       List All Users

martin kenneth and eugene will each have a unique userid, i would like to include this userid inside the a href link when the admin clicks on the name, so that the next page can display details of the chosen user...

Can anyone help me out on this issue? Thanks!

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