browser detection script

i need to make a browser detection script, and instead of trying to analyze all the user-agent strings myself, i figured that someone out there has probably already done the work.  i need it to detect all the latest browsers (i.e. Netscape 7 vs. 6 vs. 4.x)

if you have a script that isn't in CFML it is okay as long as i can see the algorithm you used


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here something simple and it works

function browserRedirect()
  var ns4 = document.layers;
  var ns7 = document.getElementById && !document.all;
  var ie6 = document.all;
  if(ns4) URLStr = "1.html";
  else if(ns7) URLStr = "2.html";
  else if(ie6) URLStr = "3.html";
  else URLStr = "4.html";
  location = URLStr;
newstandardAuthor Commented:
i need something that can be done using analysis of the UserAgent string because i am doing something server side - that means i can't use javascript
using HTTP_User_Agent -
u'll need to send the information to the server [thru form submit or url ... whatever]

Parse the string & chk for the existance of MSIE [indicates its a IE] else its a NetScape.
there u'll also see the version number ...

I dont know what opera or other browsers show up :)

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anand is right :-)

for server side check
   not ie

There's a pretty good custom tag that already does this called <cf_whodat>.

Here's the link:

Don't waste your time with half-baked, half-working solutions. If browser detection is important to you then spend a few hundred dollars on a reliable, comprehensive solution such as Browserhawk (

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