XP loses internet after a few hours. Restarting entire network fixes.. HELP!

Network is set up like this.

2 XP machine, both connected to a Netgear MR814v2 Wireless Router. DSL modem connected to the netgear router. 1 Lap top that connects to the network via wi-fi.

Here's what happens. The internet will be working fine on all computer (like now for instance).. then for no reason it will stop working after a bit. This just started happening a few days ago after about a year of working flawlessly.

When the internet stops working and i do a tracert I find that it only gets to the 3rd hop in the trace, then everything else after it gets a time out.

Now here is the interesting thing. Ever since this started happening, even when they internet IS working, i get the same results with the tracert. And sometimes just doing the tracert is enough to stop the internet from  working.

I have called verizon.. everything seems fine from there end.. they cannot figure it out. Must be something on my end.. I have by passed the router and plugged the dsl modem directly into my computer.. same thing..

When the internet does go down.. if i turn off the router, the dsl modem and all computers.. then start them all back up again.. all is fine.. for a while at least..  (6 hours or so.. but i cannot say that's an exact figure because i'm not using the internet constanly).

I've scanned both computer for virii.. nothing. i've scanned for spyware with "lavasoft adware" found a few things.. got rid of them.. but still have this problem.

I'm willing to try anything.

Please help!
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Hi micamedia,

Did you patch the security patches for W32.Blaster.Worm, W32.Dumaru@mm, and W32.Welchia.Worm from microsoft?  
Removal Tools:
Microsoft Security Patches:
The newest XP service Pack will inculde these updates.
They both can cause the system to hang with every now and then.  Please double verifty with these virus.
Let me know once you are sure you have a virus free computer!!
P.S. Make sure you system resource from you task manager is not busy at a certain processor!

micamediaAuthor Commented:
I'm virus free.. now what?

Also it's not the system that hanging. the system is fine.. no process are locked up. I can do anything with the normal speed. It's just that if i try to load up a web page..or do anything relating to the internet.. nothing comes up..

If i restart everything (including the dsl modem and the router).. then all is fine for as long as even a few days sometimes..

but it will eventually stop working and i'll have to restart.

what now?
Interesting problem. What type of dsl modem do you have?
micamediaAuthor Commented:
Ok i figured it out.. the router was set to disconnect the internet after 5 min of activity. For some reason it didn't want to reconnect after disconnecting. Once i set it to keep the internet connection alive always, then everything is fine.
I saw this on another site. It may help:
Just saw this note from a person who had the same problem and corrected it by himself

WinXP has a checkbox in the screen saver properties that forces a user to have to log onto the Welcome Screen whenever the screen saver activates.  Apparently, all that was neccessary was to uncheck that box in order to maintain my broadband connection.  With the box checked I lost my internet connection with or without the firewall enabled.  With the box unchecked the connection was maintained with or without the firewall.

Also keep on bothering the ISP, you may find a knowledgeable person some time. I found out with Verizon over the past month, that the quality of answers depends mainly on luck on finding the right tech.

Just for the exersize get several ping numbers. If they do fail, then definately is the line from outside your house to their site. The tech I had worked 30 some odd hours and found an extra tel line connected to my house and possibly there is a 'bridge" connected at the junction box outside. This I shall find out Dec 10th.

Also for fun to go to
it is a site that you can check the kb/sec coming to your house. It should be around 700 kb/sec. Mine is at 80!!!!

They never offer allot of help unless as I said you accidently get the right tech.

gonzal13 (joe)


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