outlook web access component in an IFRAME


I have a difficult one.  I am displaying an outlook web access component in an IFRAME.  See code below:

<IFRAME id="Boardroom" src="http://exchangeserver/exchange/MarlowBoardroom/Calendar/?cmd=contents&View=Monthly" width="100%" height="100%"></IFRAME>

I am running this code on the exchange server and need to know how to determine what date the user has selected.

Has anyone any ideas????

Cheers Iain
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JasonBighamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Had to track it down, lost my bookmark. But here it is:


Pretty slick stuff, I need to revisit this and maybe implement.
Iframe, I think, only works with IE4+ or Netscape 6+

Is this by chance your issue?
Found this as well:

<p>Example of Framing!<p>
<iframe name=‘main’
iJolly4Author Commented:
I can actually get the Iframe to work I just need to be able to get the date from the Outlook web acces component.
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