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Motherboard Information


I deleted my OS (NT) and installed window98. Now I lost the driver for sound card (onboard sound card). Also I 've got one unkown device.

I opened the case to find the model and make of the motherboard to download the soundcard. But I can n't find any information on motherboard in regard to model and make of it at all. I ran a sortware to detect the model of motherboard, but that didn't give much information.

In my device manager I got question mark on :

PCI Multimedia Audio Device
Unknown Device

Has anyone got any idea how to fix this


1 Solution
When computer is first booting up, on the screen where you see memory being counted, there should be a string of numbers and letters along the bottom (usally). Post that string here and we may be able to help you find the make and model. try hitting the "pause/break" key to keep it onscreen long enough to copy it down, if that doesn't work then you may have to reboot a few times to be able to copy it down.
Have you tried to run Windowsupdate to see if it finds any drivers?  Sometimes that is able to find some drivers for you.

The other option that you have is to get Belarc advisor & run that to see if it will tell you what the brand is of your motherboard, soundcard & possibly even that unknown device.

Is your computer a whitebox?


Look on the motherboard and see if you can find any identifying number or letters or combinations thereof. That may give us a better idea of what motherboard we are looking at so we can find the drivers for you.
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Give us the number that you find on the chips. Try this tool too to find out some information

lavasaniAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the replies.

I ran the "adviser" software, and This the information I got:

intel WL810

Serial Number : IUW204503179

BIOS: WL81020A.15A.0007P06.0010031249

Does this make any sense to you??

Found a technical manual at the following link:


It says that it uses a CS4299 stereo audio codec.  Couldn't find a driver on the Intel site, but found one on a HP site that might work.

lavasaniAuthor Commented:
Hi All

Thanks for  all the replies. I used the advisor.exe program to obtain all the systm informations. After that I had VERY hard job to find the drivers. everything is sorted now.


Finding the drivers shouldn't have been too difficult from Intel's website.  They still have the 810 series board drivers for download (I downloaded some the other day)
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