Firedaemon service possibly a virus?

I am running an Exchange 5.5 server sp4.  The server has slowed quite a bit recently so I started looking into event logs etc...   I have a process "winsys" that dies & restarts every couple of seconds.  It looks like "firedaemon" is running this service.  Firedaemon is also running drvisys, printer, runbatch, system, & winserv.  I looked that the properties of Firedaemon.exe & it was created a couple of months ago.  I did not alter the file or install it.  The other strange thing is normally firedaemon is installed as a program. (c:\programs\firedaemon)  I found the exe in c:\winnt\java\etc\etc\firedaemon.exe.  Does anyone have any ideas??

Thanks in advance!!!
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it's a tool to run things as a service, the company I used to work at used it a few times and it seemed pretty useful.

Using MRTG by chance?
8lackd0gAuthor Commented:
I currently use Firedaemon on some machines out on the floor.  I have not installed the program on my Exchange Server.  I am not using the MRTG.  I cannot even get the gui to start for the firedaemon program.  The .exe for firedaemon is located in c:\winnt\java\etc\etc folder.  Normally the firedaemon program is located in c:\programs\firedaemon.  I do not have that directory.  I scanned my system32 folder & it found a backoor.trojan in a folder named "rocket".  I used my laptop with NAV to scan the system32 folder.  The Exchange server is running Trend ScanMail.
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If it don't belong, get rid of it.

If you can't uninstall, this will work:

ouch, looks like someone back doored your exchange server.  I would highly suggest building a new exchange server and moving mailboxes/public folders/functions to it and killing this one, but I'm especially paranoid about such things and would never trust that server again.

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8lackd0gAuthor Commented:
I was not running a firewall until recently.  I started here a short time ago. Every time that a new virus came out, we got it until I put up the firewall.  I would like to keep this 5.5 beast running until end of life comes this December.  I thought that it might be a virus but I cannot find anything similar to this one.  I just stopped every service that is tied to firedaemon & email is still working properly. How can I find out what these services are used for?  Do you see any that would need to be running?  Normally if it is something that is required to run, NT should have it taken care of it right?  Firedaemon is typically used for 3rd party programs.  My processor on the Exchange seems to be cooling off now finally....
Now your getting into the world of computer forensics and incident response, you should go to the Windows Security section of experts-exchange
"I started here a short time ago"

That means your previous guy could have installed Firedaemon.

 But if this box was wide open for a  long time... who knows. Does it look like it's been turned into a "warez" server (low disc space)... ftp services would have to have been comprimised (if running)
8lackd0gAuthor Commented:
The "last modified" tag on firedaemon.exe was after the previous IT had left.  I had a low disk space problem a while back but that was caused by the backup not flushing the committed logs for a couple of days.  Is there a way to transfer this thread to Win_Security or do I need to start a new one?
8lackd0gAuthor Commented:
How do I end this thread?
assign points.
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