does D7 make larger exes than D5?

If you were to compile the same program in D5 and D7 how would the exe file sizes differ?
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Maybe slightly, if there is some vcl component used that have a changed implementation.

Depends how you compile it. If you compile it without the runtime libraries built in, then the size should be pretty much the same. However, the runtime libraries have grown and thus these will cause your program to be bigger if they're built in.

Geoff M.

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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Yes, but not always...

The TDataModule doesn't depend on the Forms unit anymore. The TDataModule is now defined in the Classes unit so any application that doesn't use the Forms unit but does contain data modules will actually be smaller now. But in general there are more objects added to the VCL and the size of the base object has increased, thus increasing the size of the final binary.

If you want smaller executables, use Delphi 2. Unfortunately D2 has it's limitations too.

Also keep in mind that by using the Windows unit only and almost none of the other Delphi libraries, you'll be able to create small executables again. You'll have to write a lot of stuff yourself but it will result in a small binary. The VCL is only for your ease-of-use and to improve your development speed. If ou don't like it, don't use it! ;-)
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wolsenAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your responses.

I need a more quantitative answer.

Does anyone know the exact size differrence between the runtime libraries?

vcl50.bpl is 1.92 MB.... how big is vcl70.bpl?  ( if this is a valid comparison )

Can anyone compile the same VCL program with both versions, and tell me what the exe sizes are?
1.26Mb for vcl60.bpl
1.31Mb for vcl70.bpl

Some stuff has probably moved elsewhere which would explain why it has shrunk!

I've got 452k for a program, both in D6 and D7. Never used D5 so I can't say. Even if I could, you can't get a "qualitative answer" because that depends entirely on your program and what it uses!

Geoff M.
wolsenAuthor Commented:
How big is the exe if the program consists of a single blank form with no controls on it? (a "new" application)

In Delphi5, I get an exe that is 286K.

What do you get in Delphi7?

Geoff M.
if you care that much about EXE size, then use Delphi 3 (like me, im still using Delphi 3) or write all code using Windows API (no VCL garbages). for me, i prefer write all code using windows API, coz it produce much much smaller EXE (16K) and faster EXE file than using VCL.
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