lost connection with _domain_ while sending HELO

I can't seem to send emails to certain domains.  This problem was address before, but seems to be slightly different from mine.  


Here's the lowdown:

I'm using Bynari Insight Server, and the mail queue error message for the failed emails says:
lost connection with mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com[] while sending HELO

So I tried the whole nslookup routine that subsoniq laid out, and here what I typed and got:

Default Server: pdc.mixergroup.net

> set type=mx
> mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com
Server:  pdf.mixergroup.net

Non-authoritative answer:
mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com    MX preference = 50, mail exchanger = mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com

sbc-webhosting.com     nameserver = ns26b.sbc-webhosting.com
sbc-webhosting.com     nameserver = ns1.sbcidc.com
sbc-webhosting.com     nameserver = ns2.sbcidc.com
sbc-webhosting.com     nameserver = ns26a.sbc-webhosting.com
mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com     internet address =
mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com     internet address =
mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com     internet address =
mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com     internet address =

z:\>telnet ns26b.sbc-webhosting.com 25
Connecting To ns26b.sbc-webhosting.com...Could not open a connection to host on port 25 : Connection failed

And that's where I'm stuck.  I don't know if our DNS lookup is screwy, or even how to fix it.  Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Seems normal. ns26b.sbc-webhosting.com is a NS for the zone, not a MX.

# telnet mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com 25
Connected to mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 mail26d.sbc-webhosting.com SMTP RS ver 1.0.87vs
ehlo you
500 Command unrecognized

(So, ESMTP not understood, but)

helo you
250 mail26d.sbc-webhosting.com Hello xxx.xx.somewhere.net [xxx.x.xxx.xx], I'm listening
mail from: <toto@somewhere.net>
250 toto@somewhere.net... Sender ok
rcpt to: <postmaster@sbc-webhosting.com>
250 postmaster@sbc-webhosting.com... Recipient ok
221 mail26d.sbc-webhosting.com closing connection
Connection closed by foreign host.

So, it could be :
- temporary network problems (at your site or your ISP), in which case the mails should go through some time later
- you have been listed as an open mail relay on some RBL site like www.ordb.org
antran7Author Commented:
Here's what happens when I try that path:

Z:\> telnet mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com 25
Connecting To mail-fwd.sbc-webhosting.com
220 mail26b.sbc-webhosting.com SMTP RS ver 1.0.87vs
571 from We do not relay from you.
Connection to host lost.

and it rudely boots me out.

we're not on ordb.org, nor any other open relay database of consequence.  and the email never go through (we've waited weeks).

Does SBC think we're relaying mail through when we send to them?  Funny thing is our commericial account is with them.

Thanks for you help.  Know where I should go now?
Could be a misconfiguration. In any case, I don't see much possibilities but to contact them and try to find out why they are rejecting you.

For reference : http://openrbl.org/#
I hope SBC isn't using of of these 4 "positives", or else, I'd say that their policy is clearly abusive.

Good luck.

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antran7Author Commented:
Thanks for you help.  I got off one of the 4 'positivies' on openrbl.org (the only one that would allow me to remove myself from their list).

I'll try contacting SBC and see what's up.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Thanks again for you help and direction.

antran7Author Commented:
I called them, and we were listed on their open-relay database.  They have their own private one.

Thanks for you help and direction.

nice reasoning _nn_ .good
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