Name Resolve not working Automatically

On my machine (and most others in our environment) when I type in a partial name and tab off of the To: box, it will Auto Resolve after a moment on its own (working in Outlook 2000 with Exchange).  I have a user for whom this isn't working.  A name will Auto Resolve only when prompted to do so by clicking on the Check Name button or by pressing Ctrl+K.  I can't find any setting that might control this.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this??  It is a little thing, but can by quite annoying!

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I assume this is what you want

Open outlook
go to tools --> options
--> Email options --> Advance email options

Under "when sending a message"


a) Automatic name checking
b)Suggest names when completing To , CC .....

This will not autocomplete or do anything ...

If you want this option , just enable them again

bcadAuthor Commented:
I am trying to get it to automatically do the name resolve on the users machine (rather than them having to prompt it by clicking the Check Name button or Ctrl+K).  

The Automatic name checking is turned on (first thing I checked), and I don't see the option to Suggest Names when completing To, CC... (I am on Outlook 2000??).
This function is not in Outlook 2000. The auto-name is only in Outlook XP and above..;en-us;325340&Product=out2K

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bcadAuthor Commented:
Yes, I know there is no Auto Name in 2000, but there is an Auto Resolve feature.  If you type in a partial name, then click on Check Names or do a Ctrl+K, then it will actually go and check that name against either your Contact and/or your Global Address list.  This is done automatically when you move off of the TO or CC text box on most machines that I have ever seen (including my own).  The problem I am having is that I have one machine that will only perform the Auto Resolve when prompted by the user (rather than it being done automatically when you tab off of the TO or CC box).  
If you go to TOOLS | OPTIONS | Email Options | Advanced Options, there is a button for automatic check names.. Is that selected ?
bcadAuthor Commented:
Yes, that is already checked.
I have had this happen on several occasions.  How long have you waited for it to resolve?  I have often times typed in a name or nickname and then tabbed to the subject and even been typing for a while before it resolved.  Depending on the server load it may take some time.

If you have waited a long time - were you outside the address lines - again being in the body seems to activate it occasionally.  

Once it is activated, it is always quicker but that first time always seems to lag.

Another option is to create a contact named "X" (there is almost no one with a name beginning with x) and then type "x" then tab to the subject or body and see if it resolves - if it does you just have a slow system otherwise....hmmmmmm....
bcadAuthor Commented:
We waited for quite a while (a couple minutes or so, and yes, we were off of the address line), and I even tried typing in the body of the email.  I don't remember if I had her try it with a contact or not, but I have her give that a try.  So if the Contact works and someone from the Global Address List does not, it could just be something to do with the speed of her connection??  'Cause she was on the same network setup as I am, and mine works just fine?  
You didn't clearly state above if the local contact worked and the global didn't...

My last idea (for now) is to check the outlook properties in general.

Go to Tools / Services

On the pop-up select "Addressing" from the tabs at the top (it should be the third and final tab)

The third listing is "When sending mail, check names using these address lists in the following order:"

On that list should be "Global address list".  If it isn't there or nothing is there then voila that is your problem.  If it is, there have been occassions when it hasn't linked properly (computers!!....).  Remove it and then add it back or add the list that you want to use - or all of them, you can have many lists here and then sort them by the order you want them to be checked.

Let me know if that helps.

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bcadAuthor Commented:
I am going to try having her remove the GAL and adding it back in again.  If that doesn't work then I must admit that I am going to give up at this point...she will just have to click on the check names button if she wants to see the addresses resolved before sending!  

Thanks for the help...
Probably quite late for bcad now. For the benefits of whoever read this after, this worked for me (bugged me for a long time):-

Tools->Address Book->Tools->Options: from then on its obvious.
Hopefully it does not open up a security hole, as it says to allow some sort of sharing.

(Credits go to SubComms suggesting a global check re his last comment. Good insight.)
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