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I am looking for a Commercial version of CD Record PRO DVD for Windows XP.  Does anyone know where this can be found or what a good replacement for it would be.

Thanks you
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I am looking for a commercial version of that.  The only thing available from that web site are "Research" apps.  The DVD version has a 1Gig limit if you dont have the commercial version.

just out of curiosity, is there any reason why you would prefer that over something like NERO or Easy CD Creator?
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I am looking for a behind the scenes burning option for customers.  Something that can be scripted.  I used cdrecord for my cd-r solution but now with the demand of DVD I am looking for a solution......If you know of ANY software that can burn with out a GUI interface that would be great.

I would recommend browsing over this site:
info on commercial licensing:

not sure if you can script their stuff, but if it has visual basic/COM capability and you have access to WScript Hosting (basically you do if you have WinXP)  then you could write small .vbs scripts to handle stuff.

I have seen some comments in different places that there is supposed to be a commercial license of CD RECORD PRO DVD but that nobody knows how to get it....

there's source code out there too for things like this:


Do you happend to know if Burnatonce works with ide drives........If so how?

Not sure, but did you read this FAQ (cut and pasted below the link):

How do I install ProDVD for burnatonce?
Download ProDVD, rename it to prodvd.exe and copy it into the burnatonce\external folder

Change UseProDVD=False to UseProDVD=True in the burnatonce.ini file
To write more than 1GB you'll need a license key for ProDVD which is available from the author. The key included in the readme file does not work in windows, keys are free for non commercial use only. Please contact the author regarding commercial license keys. The author is the only person to contact for keys!

To activate the license key it must be set as an environment variable as follows:


Please see this page for further help on setting environment variables.

Note: The above information is all you need. No further support regarding ProDVD will be given in these forums. All PMs will be ignored - Use of ProDVD is unsupported!
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