internet sharing

i want to share the internet to the customers in a hotel with wireless. when a user tries to open a web page, he should go to a page stored in the server, asking the customer to pay. if payment is done, the user will be able to surf. my only problem is how to show the same page to the user for all web adresses ?
i think i have to build an application like a proxy server.

is there a component to do this in delphi ?
how can i do this ?
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the server program could only add the ip to the router routing table for the period of time relative to the $$. So you wouldn't need a proxy server just a little server easy to implement. A client application (system tray) could make the login and credit card number retrievement or a web page accessed on the server like you said would also do it but in my opinion the client application could be easier to implement and it would make it easier for everyclient to connect to the system.  

When you say the problem is how to show the same page to the user for all web adresses. I don't really understand what you mean. It will surely be the same page because its the same adress of the page :). If you have a webserver on your server, you only have to make a page and access it by intranet to the ip adress of the server.
If you wan't every user to load this page at startup of IE, you just have to put this URL in the loading page options. Once the client visa is accepted you could just redirect this page to an internet search engine like google.

anyway :) i don't know if i awnsered your question but this was my view of the problem and a solution for this view hehe

kkkeremAuthor Commented:
i meant that the user will always see the payment page for any url. and i don't want to use a client application. only a server application to show the user the payment page. after the payment user will be able to surf any page.
kkkeremAuthor Commented:
i have a server connected to internet with a dsl modem, and i'm able to share internet with a wirlesss access point now.

for example : i'm the hotel customer and i've a notebook with built in wireless. when i try to open ANY web page, i see the page asking me "how many days do you want to connect to the internet ?".
then maybe i choose 2 days. For 2 days i won't see this page again and i'll be able to surf in the internet. and the price for the internet will be added to my room account.

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You could always use an integrated toolbar inside IE :)
or just make a frame that will always stay on screen with your page in it and user will be able to browse other page in another frame.

toolbar would be nice

You could set up the clients so they use a proxy server. Then you can either write your own proxy server (which obviously sits on the server) or use some components to do the job for you. When a client tries to connect, you'll get a ClientConnect type of message followed by ClientRead messages. Interpret the data, find out the client IP address, then either send back your payment page or go fetch the requested page and send that back instead. You can do it with the bog standard TServerSocket component, you can probably do it with Indy, and there are bound to be other useful programs or proxy servers out there.

Geoff M.
What you are looking for is a type of proxy server.  Check out the user made pages from

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What you actually need is a gateway Intranet/Internet system:

A user is automatically connected to the Hotel intranet via wireless or hardwire when they connect.  But their ip addresses is not allowed to see the outside nor are incoming datastreams able to go to the address.  But they can go to a Hotel customer Home page where they can look at menu's, reserver rooms , maybe order etc...  They also have a form where they can request access to the web.  Their DHCP leased IP address can be dynamically set to expire on the based upon the time they pay for.  Then they can use that IP all the while at the hotel and from any place in the hotel.
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