Loader Error 3 Message

I am having problems loading into w2k.  This is my company's laptop and I am very restricted to what I can do to fix it.  Here is the latest.. (NO Floppy Drive, Only CD-Rom, No Admin Access)
1.) I manage to log into windows using a w2k CD-Rom (Personal Copy) running the repair feature in the setup (Boot direct from CD)
2.) Once the windows has been log-in I have no problems I have access to everything the way it should be.
3.)When I shut down and restart without the CD. I get a message "Windows can not boot because some software has been changed, Loader Error 3" appears and gets stuck. However when if I repair from the w2k CD and boot again, No Problem.  What's up with that??

My Possiblilties??
1.) Master Boot Record corrupted
2.) Registry has been altered
3.) Dell Laptops suck!!!
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I wouldn't mind a refund, but.. here you(s) go:

Replacing the NTLDR file worked.  Get yourself a windows 2000 cd
Boot up the computer from the cd.
Once at the c: prompt do the following
The commands in the quotes are what you should type. Do not actually type the quotes.  The enter after the quotes is the key you should press to execute the command.

type "cd .." enter (this will take you to the root of the c:\ drive)
"ren ntldr ntloader" enter
 "d:" enter (changes to your cdrom drive)
"cd i386" enter
"copy ntldr c:\" enter
"exit" enter

Eject the cd and your good to go.
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Windows 2000

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