DSL sharing

I have 10 computers that I need to share a DSL connection. They do not need to be networked. what do I need?  We already have DSL with a 4 line modem.
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Anything here will work for you ?



Buy a router set it up to enable and use DHCP, plug all your PC's into it.


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and the DSL box

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You need to network them in order to share the one dsl connection.

You need a dsl router and a switch or hub with the appropriate number of ports.
First of all you will need to create a network, for that you will need a switch/hub and the necesary cables... One option is to buy an ADSL router, enable NAT, and DHCP or assign the ip addresses manually, and connect the switch to the router and then the router to the adsl line.
The second option is to use you ADSL modem, for that you will need a computer acting as a router, that computer must be ON for all the other computers to access the internet, basically you need to connect the modem to that computer and run a proxy on it or simply enable the windows internet connection share, that will enable all the PCs to access the internet through that machine.  In this second option you would have to set the ips manually and set the computer conected to the modem as the default gateway.

Ill try a diagram:

Option 1:

PC 1-10-----Switch------Router-----adsl

Option 2:

PC 1-9-------PC 10------ADSL modem----Adsl

Hope that helps
magoo304Author Commented:
Huseyin1  Thank you. I did exactly that and it works great.  The DSL modem is also a 4 port router so all I needed was the hud and cat5 cables. Everything works great.
Thanks again
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