DB2 Connection failure

Hi Experts,

     Previousely  I've tried to connecting (AIX based) DB2 databases from my linux box thru perl module were sucessful, but when try to connect (Win based) DB2 database I'm getting the following errors.

    "TLMA" is my DB2 db.
       "SQL1403N  The username and/or password supplied is incorrect.  SQLSTATE=08004"

Here are my configurations :-

  Database Directory List :-

      $ db2 list database directory
                  Database alias                     = TLMA
                  Database name                   = TLMA
                  Node name                         = TLMA
                  Database release level         = 9.00
                  Comment                           =
                  Directory entry type             = Remote
                  Catalog node number          = -1

  Node Listing :-

      $ db2 list node directory

                  Node name                       = TLMA
                  Comment                         =
                  Protocol                           = TCPIP
                  Hostname                        =
                  Service name                   = 50000

     I feel I'm not connected with the above error, but I don't know where the error lies on. I'm Sure the username and password are correct.

Plz. Help me on this.
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Your logged on userid is not authorised to connect to the database.

Try these commands from the db2 shell.

d:> db2cmd

e:> db2 connect to "yourdatabase" user "youruserid" using "yourpassword"

The default DB2 installation on a winnt machine only grants access rights to the local administrator
on the machine i.e the "administrator" userid.

If you are logged on via an NT domain log off the domain, log back on to the local machine as
"administrator"(you must know the password). Once logged in either add your domain userid to the
LOCAL administrators group or create a new local id for yourself. If you choose the former you can
access DB2 from the domain, choose the latter and you must log on locally to the machine to access
DB2. Once you have administrator rights you can add domain users to DB2 group objects and restrict
access rights.
clickrajkumarAuthor Commented:

   I'm trying to Connect DB2 database in a Win2000 Server and 'm having myown userid (other than Administrator) which has proper access privileges.

   I've tried connecting to the DB thru DB2 Connect from my Linux Box it throws the following.

[db2inst1@AAA db2inst1]$ db2 connect to TLMA user db2 using db2admin
SQL1403N  The username and/or password supplied is incorrect.  SQLSTATE=08004
[db2inst1@AAA db2inst1]$

   Even I'm getting the same error when try to connect by my perl module.

  What I've to do more on this???

As far as I know, you need an account with Administrator access for this. Is your account in this kind?
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clickrajkumarAuthor Commented:
Yep Fantasy,

   I've also tried with both (As by my userid aswell as with Admin id), Still the same problem is choking my neck.

From others sources:

Check the ownership and permissions on the db2ckpw program. They should look like this:
bash$ ls -al ~/sqllib/security/db2ckpw
-rwsr-s--x    1 root     build       15989 Oct 17 07:22 sqllib/security/db2ckpw*
If this program is not owned by root, then do the following as root:
bash# chown root db2ckpw
bash# chmod ug+s db2ckpw
clickrajkumarAuthor Commented:
Yes Fantasy,
   I've read same answer from IBM site itself, and when I try to search for db2ckpw file in the 2000 Server (Win) Machine I was unable to get it. It seem the above soluiton is only fit for Linux Flavoured Servers...

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