Applets' access to system resources.

I want to communicate with a device from an applet for which I need the system resources to be accessed. How do I go about doing this, using applets? Can system resources be accessed using applets? If so, how can I do it? Please, help me out.
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hello puvi044,

You couldn't access system resource with applet for security reason. The only way is to change permission in the browser JVM.


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 ... so you will need to sign the applet in order to give it special access.
puvi044Author Commented:
by signing, can i access COM ports? How do I do signing applets? any references for signing applets?
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 I am not sure about COM objects :( TAke a look here fr signing:

  also make a search on google it will come up with loads of info.
puvi044Author Commented:

how do i change permission in browser JVM to get what i wanted. as girionis said, i got signing as an option from few other resources also.

thanks girionis n krispols for the help.
will get back to u if i need more help.
> how do i change permission in browser JVM to get what i wanted

  By signing the applet. The VM will do it  automatically for you. Another option is to change the java.policy file. This is a good option if the applet is only going to be used locally (in the intranet);
>>by signing, can i access COM ports?

You need the Java COMM API:

How do I do signing applets?

hello puvi044,

If your application run in intranet, you could change permission of JVM via java.policy file, but if it's internet applet even you sign it, there is no way to change policy dynamicaly.

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