How do I write to CD-RW?

I would like to know how to write to a CD-RW under
MS-Windows.  I am currently using Win2000 to test.

There are two different ways I want to be able to
write.  First, I should be able to copy a file using
the Windows Explorer.  Second, I want to be able to
write data using Win API calls from C.

The Win2000 Device Manager says that I have a


nstalled on this computer.  I do not have the
documentation that came with the drive.  But because
the Device Manager includes the letters "CDRW" in the
drive designation, I feel I should be able to write.

This drive works fine with pre-recorded DVD's and
CD's.  So I load a disk that is marked "Rewritable."
When I try to select the drive in the Windows Explorer,
I get the message:

    J:\ is not accessible.
    Incorrect function.

I also get this same message if I try to copy a file
and paste it to the disk.

Should it be possible to write to a CD-RW using
Window's Explorer, or is that always impossible?

If I need a special program to write to a CD-RW,
then is there any shareware that keeps it simple.
I do not need a program to organize all my music
CD's.  I just need to write a file to the CD-RW.

Next I try writing using a C program.  I can use
the Win API function CreateFile() to open an
existing file for reading from a conventional CD
and open a file with no error.  

I try using CreateFile() to create a new file when
the rewritable disk is in the drive.  CreateFile()
fails.  Error 5, access denied.

How does one write to CD-RW?  Are there special
functions calls to CDROM.SYS?  If so where are
they documented?

Is there any such thing as having to "formatt" a CD-RW
disk?  If I right click on a floppy drive, there
is a format function in the pop-up menu.  I see
no format function when I right-click the CD drive.
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You need special drivers to write to a CD.

These programs have what you need.



NTI CD-Maker

CeQuadrat WinOnCD
If you want to copy files directly from explorer to the CD then a special driver needs to be loaded that allow this

For Roxio it is called "Drag-to-Disk"
For Nero it is called InCD
For NTI it is called FileCD
In other words Win2000 does not offer any built in tools to do this.

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You know most CDRW's are boxed with CD burning sofware. Was this not supplied?
Oh and if you are going to do direct burning to a DVD then don't use NTI FileCD because the last time I checked it only will see the disk as a CD and will only write up to 700MB's so you would a loose the availablity of around 3GB's
I personally use Roxio. And I have the Drag-to-disk driver load at startup. I have found it to be pretty stable overall and do direct transfers to it the burner all the time. I keep a DVDRW in the drive at all times and rarely have problems with the Drag-to-disk driver unless the DVD disk itself is going bad which it is prone to do over a period of time of being written to a lot. Keep in mind if you use any of these direct-copy-to drivers the disk will be formatted by the driver and you will lose about 100MB's of space on the disk because this portion is used by the driver to write its own version of the File Allocation Table.
Now if you had XP then it has a built in Recording tool

Description of CD-ROM Recording in Windows XP;en-us;279157
Jim_SAuthor Commented:

CrazyOne>In other words Win2000 does not offer any built in tools to do this.

Thank you.  That answers one of my questions perfectly.

CrazyOne>And I have the Drag-to-disk driver load at startup.

For this to work, is it necessary to load the driver that
comes with the drive?  Or is Drag-to-disk capable of
accessing all makes of drives on its own?

(1.  I am not sure that I have correct software that
goes with this drive.)

(2. A second goal of mine is to write my own programs
that write to CD.  This is much harder if each user is
required to install his own driver.)
The driver for the drive is just so Windows can see and use the drive for reading but not to burn to.

(1. what software came with the drive.

(2. Well perhaps you could develop your own driver and ship it with your application.
Jim_SAuthor Commented:
I decided to try a CD writing program.  I downloaded the
trial version of some shareware.  Specifically I
downloaded Maximum Calculations 5.0.  (It has terribly
skimpy documentation.)  I succeeded in writing a simple
file to my disk without benefit of having installed any
drivers.  So that answers my question about whether I
need to install a special driver.

Thank you.  I think this answers all the questions I have
for this subject area.  In the near future, I will be
posting my programming questions to the programming topic.
It is needless to install drivers for your recorder software. The windows OS supported all over the recorder-driver almost. and each kind of recorder software used recording ways with ISO9660 or UDF standard. If you want to use the DVD-R or DVD-RAM driver in the future. the Windows XP supported drivers more than win2000, also provide recorder funcation for CD-R and CD-RW medium. you maybe to install DVD drivers for win system, or use the recorder software with the driver manufacturer provide.  
>>>It is needless to install drivers for your recorder software

Not it isn't if you want to do drag and drop, copy and paste directly to the disk, which is the method I prefer, without having to open the recording software to do it. . If I don't have the driver running then I can't do this. I have to open the burning software and use its interface to burn with.
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