one domain and multiple exchange server

Dear Sir,

      Currently we are having offices at multiple locations

each having exchange 2000 with different domain names.

We are planning to change the configuration so that

a) A single domain exists for the whole organization,

b) exchange server at each location connect to a single domain for

the  whole organization.

c) The members at the particular location shall be able to recieve

email in their exchange server in their location

. ( i.e. a situation of single domain and multiple exchange server sites)

What are the possible solutions for this scenario?

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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a) NO the DNS server will give back one of both randomly, but it doesnt matter which one will receive the mail. anyway it will be delivered since they are in the same organization

b) yes there is a LOT of pop connectors, i use popcon myself, but please be aware that pop connectors for exchange should only be used as TEMPORARLY solution only as a transition before switching to a corporate solution

All you have to do is have only one A.D. (Active Directory) Domain, then create in A.D. Sites and services one site for each location you have, assign to each site a subnet object, and at least one Domain Controller and Global Catalogue Server.

Regarding exchange,

1) in the site containing the schema master (usually the first domain controller in the forest) do your first exchange installation

2) in each additional site install exchange member of the above created exchange organization

3) in Exchange System Manager create Routing groups, one for each location and assign each exchange server to its corresponding location

4) Create routing group connectors between each routing group you have created

and here you are.

Hope this helps,

senthillsAuthor Commented:
Hi Akhater,

     Thanks for the immediate reply.
     Although in the concept level, it is quite clear, I still have some clarifications.

     a) Can this setup run across internet leased line ( maybe 256 kbps)
     b) Can I have exchange server shielded with ISA server as firewall in the locations

     I have another thought. i.e
     a) One central email server for the whole organization.
     b) Exchange servers at all locations to get mail using "pop connector softwares" and deliver to local members

     c) Mails sent by members to route through smtp connector to the mail server.

 How does this compare with your solution?

 Awaiting your good feedback.      

thanks and regards,
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Hy senthill,

a) yes you can I already did this setup through internet with a much slower connection than this

b) yes of course but my advise for you is that if different sites will be connected through internet you should configure VPN between them for you to end up with a routed enviroment or else you will have to open a bunch of ports on your firewalls and i dont think you want to do that

Solution II cannot be implemented with one exchange organization and one A.D. Domain, because as soon as you install and exchange server to another organization all exchange servers will be aware that it is alive  and will directly route emails destined to it. you can do this by installing any other mail server in the branches and configuring the main exchange server as relay host, but you are loosing all exchange features like Public folders, contacts, calenders etc...

Hope this helps,

a) sorry i forgot to tell you that you have to make sure to do the first exchange installation (or the forestprep) in the site that contains the schema master to reduce replication trafic to the max)

Take care
Senthils am not writting this to take point away from akhater which is
absloutly correct but regarding ur part C  u must remember that all
the emails will be deliverd to ur public ip that corresponds to ur MX record.U could have multiplr MX records with diff priority but mail will always be  deliverd FIRST to the lowest number.So if ur other exchanges(in ur case)
use the smae public domain as ur first then all the mail will be comming in to ur first exchange then distributed to the rest.
If u create multiple MX records it will give u some back up capability
if one of ur lines fails.But no matter what mail for the whole organization will always enter at one point and then distributed.
If u will awards points all shall go to Akhater.Good luck.
senthillsAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Mr. Akhater and Mr.Vahik.

Thanks for the wonderful support. I have taken some time to reply to consider the feasibility(infrastructure and cost) of the options available. I am planning to arrive at the solution in two phases. The second phase with the full features as suggested by Mr.Akhater. In the first phase, I am planning to have a basic solution based on my earlier proposal.
To again detail my proposal
  ( a) One central email server for the whole organization.
    b) Exchange servers at all locations to get mail using "pop connector softwares" and deliver to local members
    c) Mails sent by members to route through smtp connector to the mail server. )

Mr. Akhater's had suggested that my earlier proposal was not suitable for one exchange organization.
  Can I confirm with Mr.Akhater that I can proceed with the proposal above with each exchange at the locations independent of each other?(of course with sacrifice of features)


This can work if each location is independent from the other but this would mean that you will have to implement different forest in each location since as far as i know, one A.D. Forest you can create only one exchange organization. and your different exchange server will talk together through regular MX records of DNS as if they were talking with any other mail server on the net.

Hope this helps & Best Regards

senthillsAuthor Commented:
Hi Akhater,

    Thanks for the solution. Really sorry for replying too late
    as I had to discuss the solutions with my team over here.

    I have accepted your answer.

    Just before that, I would like to get just two more clarifications.

    a) When two exchange servers for a domain  with two MX records with same priority

      is set, whether the same mail copy is sent to both exchange servers?

    b) Is there any good pop connector software you have already tried out?



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