Java runtime debugging with user interface?

I am pretty new to Java, so my question may appear to be very simple, but still  I would like to know, how to debug program step by step, for example using JSwat. In other words is it possible somehow to go through the program step by step also watching the variables. But the main thing I need is users widowed interface, as for example TP7.0 has its own IDE, I want to achieve the same with Java.

Thanks in forward,
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If you need IDE for java - there are a lot of them:

1. JBuilder (
2. Sun ONE studio, former Forte4J ( (free)

These are two examples. Both of them have built-in debuggers which will let you runstep-by-step.

You can download JBuilder here: 

Personal edition is probably free...

Good luck!
You could also use Eclipse.  They are all very similar.  I've never used JSwat but the concepts are the same all-around.  If your tool offers to run normally that will be without the debugger.  If it allows to run in debug mode then it will require that you set a Breakpoint in your code.  This sets a flag upon a certain line in which the program execution will pause at.  Most programs allow the user to simply click in the margin to set a breakpoint, others offer a selection in the pop-up menu (right mouse click), some allow accelartor keys (Eclipse is SHIFT-CNTRL-B).  

Simply set your breakpoints at the areas that interest you.  I've never had a situation where I would attempt to debug every single last line of code (that is too tedious).  If you have a problem you should already have a rough idea where it is occuring, so set your breakpoint at the beginning of the possible problem and watch.  

For specifics on a particular tool use the ever helpful tool documentation.  
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StillUnAwareAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you, but still I have few little questions left.
Curently I tried to use Java NetBeans , and there is a possibility for debugging, but I dont know the executable's name (Windows platform) which to provide as java debbuger. I tried to set this param to jdb.exe, but it didn't work.
Well, I used to launch it as an integrated environment (something like runIDE.bat). And from the IDE it's quite obvious how to launch debugging session...

But it was very slow... :)

I never did like NetBeans (I like Eclipse) but I did find these links.

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StillUnAwareAuthor Commented:
Thank you both, I'll consider all that, but first I'll try Codeguide, maybe this one will be the thing I need, if not there is JBuilder, maybe others.
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