a Free procedure call doesn't free (and nil) an object

hi everyone,

i have the following problem :
i've created a TTimer descendent the following way :


  TMyTimer = Class(TTimer)
                    ... various variables and TList Objects...
                    constructor Create(aowner : TComponent);override;
                    destructor destroy; override;

var MyTimer : TMyTimer;

constructor TPopUpCampagne.Create(AOwner : Tcomponent);
     inherited Create(AOwner);
     ... several initializations including OnTimer affectation ...

destructor TPopUpCampagne.destroy;
     ... stuff to free memory...

     inherited destroy;

then, further in the source code, i do the following (i want to destroy MyTimer to re-create it - instead of updating its data) :

if Assigned(Mytimer) then



the problem is that after the free call, the variable MyTimer isn't Nil - as expected ! but is still pointing to an existing object (and then my program throws an exception on another operation).

i've run the debugger and all the free calls in the object hierarchy are done.

Does anyone have an idea about what's happening ? and does anyone have a workaround ?
i could recreate the variable with the MyTimer:=TMyTimer.Create(Nil); but then i would have a memory leak...

thanks in advance,


PS : i put 150 points, cause it's important and i need a quick answer...
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instead of

if Assigned(Mytimer) then


if Assigned(Mytimer) then

meikl ;-)

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just for eplanation

>the problem is that after the free call, the variable MyTimer isn't
>Nil - as expected !

the referenceVariable is never set to nil after calling the free-method,
thats a normal bahaviour, you as developer have to care about this

meikl ;-)
btw. your timer is freed
fsurferAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer !

it works perfectly !

i've always believe that free was doing a FreeAnd Nil....hmmmm there're always things to learn :)

glad to helped you ;-)
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